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By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *

               When Biden announced a gigantic $ 2 trillion investment and infrastructure plan, much of the press linked it to his rivalry with the Chinese State, a step toward «war capitalism.» It is also a rescue plan given the fall of the economy due to State repressions with the excuse of the «pandemic» and it goes far beyond the Green Pact, state capitalism is promoted.

               That is why the global minimum corporate tax rate on companies’ profits, championed by the US government and the IMF bureaucracy, is under discussion at the G20. The goal: to raise $ 2.5 trillion, making multinationals pay taxes, not just on profits at home but around the world. Thus, they will pay for more activities and will pay more: from the current 21% to 28%.

                For this, a law must be passed, the tools to control companies improve and, furthermore, prevent other countries from competing to attract capital by charging less taxes. And that leads to a global corporate tax rate above 12.5% ​​that the US Treasury secretary proposed to the G20, and another 120 countries are expected to sign on.

               It is a strengthening of State interventionism and a redistribution of income between the bourgeoisie, the business partners of power – to whom the government guarantees businesses, privileges such as subsidies and customs barriers to competition – without which politicians could not get rich, and vice versa, since the State does not create wealth.

              Of course, the poor pay because taxes, even directed towards the rich, fall on them since they are derived downward, raising prices, lowering wages, etc. It is demagogic to say that what is collected returns to the poor because, in the best of cases, it returns what little remains after going through the inefficient and corrupt State bureaucracy.

             Thus, the State is the main creator of poverty if not the only one. It is that violence only destroys, first the weakest, and the State assumes its monopoly with which it exercises its “authority”. By the way, even in urgent and self-defense cases, the efficient methods, science says, are the peaceful ones.

             That the state “authority” destroys is seen more and more when seeing how the police are dedicated more to repressing those who do not comply with the whims of the politicians than to defend the citizen. This is how, even if the Covid were so serious – which it is not, only 0.04% of the global population has died in a year and a half – State repressions, confinements, and others, have aggravated the problem.

             By the way, it is credible that the 50 million deaths during the «Spanish flu» were not due to the virus but to other causes related, precisely, to the actions of the States, so there would be no historical antecedents of influenza pandemics.

             And for this, governments spread the panic that is precisely the psychological origin of the violence, amplified by an official press, beyond party politics, that «believes» in official bodies such as the health «authorities» or «experts» without an objective investigation.

            But do not to lose hope, at the end, good always wins. And I take the opportunity to tell you that, after so much writing, for the moment I have nothing to add, so I will not publish these columns on politics again until further notice. So long!

* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California


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