El papel vergonzoso de los medios de comunicación españoles ante la crisis

By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *

              Among the circle of people, I personally know, who are many due to my activities, few have been hospitalized for Covid-19 and none have died. But sadly, I do know four who died from cancer during the same period. So, I advise everyone – when it comes to the case, not at all times creating panic uselessly – in a realistic, objective and serious way to take care of cancer.

            Then I see in the media an impressive anxiety about Covid 19 and in the streets many people with masks, which shows that public opinion is also very restless. Am I missing any information? So, to be impartial, I look for the data of an organism alien to my thinking – which I believe extraordinarily little – such as the WHO and I find that, indeed, 7 times more die from cancer than from this coronavirus that, until now, has killed 4 people for every 100 killed by the Spanish flu.

            As I still find no answer, they argue to me that what matters is the projection so, if the implemented measures had not been taken, the deaths would have been even more than those of the Spanish flu: today, proportionally, they would exceed 160 million (2.4 % of the global population), which seems exaggerated considering that so far only 1.6 million have died (assuming this number is not inflated).

               On the other hand, it is credible that, due to quarantines, confinements, restrictions of all kinds and other repressions of governments on societies, the global economy falls to the point that, in 2020 alone, there will be 120 million more people in a situation of radical famine. To which we must add a similar amount in 2021 and who knows how long as these state repressions extend.

               The UN World Food Program warned that 2021 will be «the worst year of humanitarian crisis since» the end of World War II. Of course, the director general of the WHO, of Marxist guerrilla origin, requested an «immediate injection» of 4.3 billion dollars, claiming that «we cannot accept a world in which the poor and marginalized are trampled by the rich.» Considering the WHO’s history of ineffectiveness, if not corruption, giving it that money is not serious.

               But it is all politicians and bureaucrats who demand more money from taxpayers. According to the UN, another ineffective body to say the least, levels of extreme poverty «have risen for the first time in 22 years» and announced that it needs $ 35 billion to «deliver vital aid.» While, in Latin America, «it is becoming a hunger pandemic, since one in three inhabitants … do not have access to … enough food»

               Now, how the public opinion reaches such panic. In the first place, because many still believe in “the authorities”, to which is added the Stockholm syndrome and what in the stock markets is called FOMO, the fear of missing out the majority opinion and, finally, and above all, because of the enormous number of media that spread panic. For example, a digital medium (Infobae) titled «The UN warned that about 10,000 children die of hunger per month due to the coronavirus pandemic», a statement that should shame the author because of the contradictory nature -which denotes the implicit brainwashing- since if they die of hunger it is not due to the pandemic, obviously, but to hunger.

* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California



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