By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *


As Dr. Stephen Smith – who recommends hydroxychloroquine – anticipated, the beginning of the end of the coronavirus pandemic has begun and, as many of us have long warned, it occurs naturally and with fewer deaths than influenza.

China announced the first day without deaths and I have personally confirmed that the situation there is getting normal. The pandemic is leveling out in areas like New York, according to its governor, and Italy and this has brought exaggerated optimism and so the Stock Exchanges rose more than 10% in two days.

Exaggerated because the economic crisis is due to the repression of the market by some governments in terms of paralyzing production and it is not clear that it will end once the virus is controlled, on the contrary, it could even increase.

Now how did these repressive measures come to be taken when serious specialists such as Howard Markel say that mandatory quarantine is counterproductive. The key is given by the best specialist in Korea – a successful country on the subject – Kim Woo-Joo: my country «is a democratic republic … a blockade is not an option.»

Faced with the panic of public opinion, governments like Italy copied the recipe of the Chinese Communist Party, which has controlled the pandemic as it has always controlled everything: with violence, repression, police quarantine. And this totalitarian «solution» has been recommended by the WHO, which is an organism of the international -political- state bureaucracy whose president is Tedros A. Ghebreyesus, a militant of the Marxist and guerrilla Ethiopian Revolutionary Democratic Front.

In this way they politicized the solution, diverting it from science, violating the moral statement of non-violence and the human right to freedom, ignoring the logic whose first principle – that of non-contradiction – supposes that from evil -violence- cannot surge goodness.

Obviously, quarantined countries (i.e. Italy and Spain) have far more deaths than Korea and Japan. Furthermore, compulsory quarantine has effects that will kill between ten and one hundred times more people than the pandemic.

You read correctly: the direct effects of forced quarantine will cause 10 to 100 times more deaths than this virus.

For countless causes. The enclosure weakens the physique and the psyche. In France, femicides increased by a third. Even many Venezuelans return to their country due to the situation of hostility and xenophobia.

As a Marxist system, the quarantine has not only established violence and denunciations even among family members, but it has in fact decided the death of religions and prohibited Easter celebrations in many countries. According to IFES, 39 countries «postponed» electoral processes. The closing of the economies could leave up to 22 million more people in extreme poverty in Latin America, according to CEPAL. Many of them will die from malnutrition or poor living conditions, in addition to increasing crime.

Just as the economic crisis does not end with the virus, but when the States stop repressing, humanity will not have a future without a «Nuremberg». I don’t think jailing anyone is a solution, but a strong condemnation has to occur, making it clear to citizens that panic cannot be the engine of their votes, that terror journalism is unethical and, above all, that leaders can not act with their political criteria violating the rule of law, morality and human rights.


*Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California



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