By Alejandro A. Tagliavini*


Politicians have fun with the war, fight against each other and all against all as the wind blows, spend fortunes, and the masses follow them as in the Roman Colosseum when they threw Christians at the beasts.

Truth is that terrorism seeks to terrorize since fear paralyzes and people react primitively, without reasoning, then terrorists take advantage and so can win. Animal species are destined to disappear sooner or later, it is the law of the universe, because they cannot overcome their basic instincts: for instance, every action triggers an inverse reaction, so violence is violently answered and beings end up disappearing.

Except for man whose reason is capable to understand that there are ways to survive by overcoming violence. But not always…

Frightened, many have believed that the way to end terrorism is by «defensive» violence. After the 9/11 attacks, it was believed that the solution was to eliminate Bin Laden, but he was killed and terrorism escalated. Each time an attempt is made to combat evil with violence, evil intensifies: terrorism is not a group of people that could be eliminated -as a matter of fact, they are inmediately replaced by others- but deep causes, precisely fueled by violence, which must be corrected.

Violent «defense» inflames innocent victims, curtails freedoms and increases state spending. So the opposite should be done, promote the elimination of state coercion such as minimum wage laws that prevent to work those who earn less, and taxes that entrepreneurs necesarily drift to the poor – lowering wages or increasing prices – creating misery and marginalization, excellent ground to breed terrorists and suicides.

A fanatic tyranny that beheads people for alleged crimes, reigns Saudi Arabia where  women are slaves and from where most of the funds for Islamic fanaticism and for financing mosques in the West came. Wikileaks revealed a Hillary Clinton cable that says «it has been a continuing challenge to convince its officials to address the terrorist financing emanating from Saudi Arabia.» By the way, 15 of the 19 kidnappers who crashed into the Twins were Saudi.

But Trump is an ally of the Saudis – the US sells to the Arabs more than US $ 40,000 million annually in weapons – and threatens Iran for the recent attacks on the Saudi oil company. Anyway, he will very probably don’t go to war, in fact, he wants to leave Afghanistan to the point of committing the immorality of inviting terrorists to his house: «the … Taliban leaders … were going to meet me in secret … at Camp David,» tweeted Trump who later cancelled the meeting and the peace negotiations.

In Afghanistan, since the brutal Taliban regime was overthrown, there was some progress thanks to greater individual freedom, but that could have been achieved without war which was very costly. During 18 years, the US spent about US $ 900 billion almost three times what the entire Argentine Republic produces in a year and more than 147,000 people were killed, but the Taliban, who are increasingly confident to return to power, already control half of the country.

Just as the powerful Stalinist tyranny succumbed, finally with the fall of the Berlin Wall, peaceful methods can end the Taliban, starting with not backing their historic supporters, the Saudis.


* Member of the Advisory Board of the Center on Global Prosperity, of Oakland, California


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