By Alejandro A. Tagliavini*

               This will be the most realistic and objective column among the hundreds that I have written during decades, since I am the same witness. Nobody told me about it, I didn’t read it in any media, I experienced it personally.

               Almost three years ago (!!), when they began to spread panic about the coronavirus, I was struck by how, at the same time that almost everyone was spreading aggressive messages to “stop climate change and defend nature”, was growing the terror that led to a hatred, precisely, to nature that would be bringing a virus that threatened the human race and man should use his reason to fight it.

                As I always had great admiration for nature -the true one, not the one that is imposed by force since violence is that which violates the natural order, as the Greek philosophers already knew- I was very suspicious of this supposed enemy of the human being. I always knew that nature is infinitely wise -more than human reason that doesn’t even know how far the universe reaches- and dedicated to the growth of life, particularly of man.

                Then came the violent impositions of the States -quarantines and others- and so I had no doubt that the «pandemic» was a big lie, based on panic, irrationality. When the science of Logic -to which I fully adhere- is not respected, there is no other solution than to impose it violently, that is, when something is imposed by force it is precisely because it is false, because it does not resist reason, it pretends overcome Logic as it contradicts it.

               I always believed, moreover, in the Christian principles of loving one’s neighbor, so this thing of taking refuge and shutting oneself in, escaping from one’s neighbor, seemed to me, to put it crudely, diabolical. I have known children who ran away from their mothers to «avoid contagion», priests who canceled Holy Mass and brought to mind John Paul II and the risk to his life that he ran by attending Mass under the Nazi regime.

               In case something was missing, my doctor, who has kept me very healthy for years, and the best specialists I found -not the official ones- assured that there was no pandemic, and that it was just another strain of the flu as nature always brought us . Nothing had changed.

               And I wrote accordingly. And many media stopped publishing me. And they paid just for sinners because I got tired and decided not to write anymore – except for a fortnightly column on financial issues on my blog – not even for the few coherent and brave people who continued to publish me.

                I realized that it was useless: so many years writing in favor of the first human right, that of the freedom to live one’s own life, and from one day to the next almost everyone, including many who praised my columns, came to insult me ​​for defend freedom against the violent impositions of governments. It wasn’t worth wasting time on an audience whose alienation, based on the panic that had been transmitted to them, was such that there was no objectivity to make them reason.

                And I acted accordingly. I did not do a single day of quarantine, I worked normally, I did physical exercise, I never underwent a PCR or any test to detect covid, I hardly ever used a mask, not even on the crowded train, I never got vaccinated and everyone who around me, including my almost 91-year-old mother, have done much the same thing. And we are all very healthy, thank God, not even half a degree of fever in these three years: not even half a degree of fever in three years.

                  Was it luck (statistical probability)? Impossible, it is not feasible that so many people -everyone around me- will be so lucky for three years walking without a mask even on crowded public transport. Genetics? Of course not, not everyone around me belongs to the same blood. What happened? Obviously: there was no pandemic, nothing different from 2018 or what will happen in 2023. Everything normal, everything logical, everything natural.

                  Personally, I do not know of anyone who has died from covid. Yes, I have heard many stories about it, from other people, but when asked if they have performed autopsies on them, they have told me no, which leaves me with the question of whether they died of, or with, covid or because of the protocols -such as isolating in their death bed to an old man and literally kill him with anguish – or by procedures such as intubation which is very aggressive. In any case, the dead, even according to the unbelievable official statistics, are in the order of the normal ones due to flu symptoms.

                  In short, «No more questions, Your Honor», reality -experienced, not told- imposes itself.

And thanks to Life for being so healthy!

* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California


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