Stonetoss Bitcoin comic

by Portfolio Armor

Tuesday, Nov 09, 2021 – 5:19

Pseudonymous cartoonist «Stonetoss» on Bitcoin volatility.

Bitcoin Hits A New High

On Monday, Bitcoin hit a new all time high, breaking over $68,000. Since June 10th, the original cryptocurrency had climbed 82%. 

As high as Bitcoin has climbed since June, one of its miners has climbed even higher.

Bitcoin Miner Climbs Higher

In a post here in June (Betting On A Bitcoin Bounce), we wrote that our top name at the time was Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA), and that it had been one of our top names on June 10th as well:

Every day the market’s open, our system gauges underlying price action and options market sentiment to pick the securities it estimates will perform best over the next six months. As of Tuesday’s close, the top name in that ranking was the Bitcoin miner Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA).

A Top Name Earlier This Month As Well

Marathon Digital was also a top ten name of ours a couple of weeks ago, on June 10th.

Screen capture via Portfolio Armor on 6/10/2021.

Since then, MARA was up 184% as of Monday’s close. 

Another Bitcoin miner, Riot Blockchain (RIOT) was in that top names cohort as well, but has performed more modestly. 

Is Bitcoin Close To A Peak?

Back in February (How The Next Crash Happens), we quoted Anatoly Karlin’s prediction of a Bitcoin peak this year:

At the time, we gave two reasons why we felt Karlin was worth paying attention to: first, he was a long term Bitcoin bull, and second, his predictions about COVID-19 in early 2020 had proved accurate. On Monday, Karlin updated his Bitcoin peak prediction. He now sees it peaking at around $80k in December, followed by a crash in February:

In Case Karlin’s Predicted Crash Happens

If you bought MARA after we wrote about it here in June, congratulations on your gains so far. In the video below, we show a couple of ways to lock in most of those gains in the event Karlin’s February crash prediction comes to pass:

We used our iPhone app to scan for optimal hedges on MARA there, but you can do that with our website as well, if you don’t have an iPhone. 

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