By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *

                  It’s summer. It is a large, sunny, airy room, the walls are chalk white and I never thought it was a madhouse … People enter, scared, tense and stating that they were worried because the walls have turned black (!?). I look around and see, without saying a word, that the walls, of course, have not changed since nothing happened naturally for them to change.

                  I look at these people again, surprised and prudent, without speaking, until I can figure out what was happening. Obviously, the «experts» and the «health authorities» -political- have instilled in them a formidable panic transmitted massively by the media that, in the end, are always official, always repeating as true what «the authorities» or «specialists» pontificate.  And they have been told that the walls are turning black. Terrifying.

                   Despite everything, I try to tell them carefully and calmly that there is no reason to be scared and that, in fact, the walls are still white. Unusually, anger is unleashed, they get furious, they yell at me and accuse me of not seeing «reality» -that the media transmits to them- and they show me minimal black points within the immense white, ensuring that this is what matters. The insults I receive are unthinkable under normal conditions, it is that panic, the inability to reason, absurdity and violence always go together and inseparable. First corollary: never act under the influence of panic.

                    We are at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. The health “authorities” are beginning to speak of a “coronavirus”. For anyone who does not panic, it is common sense that nature cannot change so radically and threaten humans in such a way. A rational and dispassionate analysis of the studies and statistics shows that it is another strain of the flu.

                    If the deaths are somewhat higher than normal, of a flu season, it is because they are over-counted and because of protocols and treatments, such as intubation, which is highly risky and it can leave important sequelae, and, with proper treatment, can and should be avoided. My personal physician treated more than 300 cases of coronavirus, and, to my knowledge, none died. And by the way, I did not do a single day of confinement, I do not wear a mask and I have not been vaccinated and my health is excellent, I mean, excellent just like the people around me.

                   I had already been writing that panic was the weapon that totalitarians use to dominate, because out of fear people accept that their personal freedoms are violated, as when a thief at gunpoint manages to take the loot to them. To which must be added the not unimportant FOMO (in the financial market: fear of missing out).

                   In fact, many told me, as an argument for me to accept the «coronavirus drama» that if I did not do it I would be left alone and, to a large extent, it was fulfilled, many important media stopped publishing my columns, regardless of the fact that now I hardly write, and in one of my last columns (Coronavirus: the worst may come later) the expletives were massive.

                    Of course, today everyone knows that the draconian quarantines only served to destroy. The same people who were insulting today surely would not do it, and the media that insistently published the “stay at home” today know that this was counterproductive. But they won’t recognize it, never expect a mea culpa. By the way, says Egon von Greyerz that he has “spent part of the summer -August 2021- in Sweden and it has been comforting to see people lead their lives normally. You hardly ever see someone with a mask anywhere. «

                  But even as very few thinks of draconian quarantines anymore, they still insist that there is a danger and that you have to get vaccinated. Among many cases, I came across a person who told me that she, her sister, her daughter, and her husband had suffered significant side effects – high fever, headaches and muscle aches – after the second dose.

                Logically, I expected her to conclude that we should not get vaccinated, especially considering that these collateral reactions are the language of the body to warn that has been intoxicated and no one knows, only God, what the effect of that intoxication will be over time. Incredibly, because of the panic that does not allow her to reason, she turned the logic around and concluded, repeated, what the mass media tell her: that we should all get vaccinated to «end once and for all with this nightmare that covid 19 brought us.»

               Although there are still many governments that commit criminal acts such as Australia that prohibits Ivermectin to induce vaccination in the absence of alternatives, in general the “authorities” are increasingly moving away from mandatory vaccination. The one of England has announced that it is setting aside «Nazitarian passports» as a friend of mine calls them, while Biden faces fierce resistance, and the State of Michigan announces that «workers with natural immunity do not need to be vaccinated.»

              Obviously, the authorities, institutions and, above all, the mass media will never admit they were so wrong and lied in such a way. So, they will never accept that it was just one more strain of the normal flu. But as the time will come when they will no longer be able to hide that the wall is white, and that the color has not changed, they will create the «trans-truth»: they will say that, perhaps, the wall is white but that «the authorities, the experts» and they perceive it as black and that’s what it’s worth.

              By the way, as I am not willing to accept trans-truth, those who have stopped publishing my columns will probably not republish them anyway.

             In any case, we will have returned to normality, to the same as always given that the nonsense of the «new normal» no one proposes it anymore. The problem is that, if the error is not recognized, if they do not tell the truth, it is most likely that we will fall back into another lie with serious consequences. Like the «war against terrorism» advised by the «experts» -the Fauci- of then that led the US to invade Afghanistan to «end the Taliban» and today, after thousands of deaths, massive destruction, and thousands out of millions of dollars spent, the US military offers to collaborate with the Taliban themselves to confront Isis.

           Luckily, they have not accepted the collaboration, otherwise this would end in a defeat against Isis pretending to collaborate with them for another war.

* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California


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