By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *

                Imagine you are at the cinema, lights are off, you are immersed in a science fiction movie, «1984» by George Orwell falls short and the «invasion of the Martians» falsely broadcast by Orson Wells is child’s play. Brainwashing is phenomenal, there is no rational argument or empirical evidence to make them reflect, even though all the laws of nature are violated, they lose common sense.

               You tell them that with the niqab on they only manage to worsen the situation, that by stop working they will impoverish, that love – and therefore human survival – means approach and not social distancing, that the law of Shaira – prohibition to go to the theater, or to gyms or riding public transport «without being vaccinated» – is immoral and they answer that those are «exceptional measures». Two years – and they go for more – of exceptional measures?

               The zombies, with their faces hidden behind the niqab, tell you about a virus that could decimate humanity, the apocalypse … at this point I do not rule out the apocalypse, but what we do know is that, in any case, it will happen because of humans, like Sodom and Gomorrah, never by action of the infinite and wise nature created by God for the splendorous development of life.

               This virus, the covid, has killed, according to official statistics, about five million people around the world. We all know that the official figures are exaggerated, in the first place, because they write down people who had previous very serious ailments as deaths from the virus and, secondly, because they hide malpractice, as has been demonstrated, by not allowing in many cases autopsies.

               But even assuming that this figure was true, it means that this covid has killed less than 0.07% of humanity in two years. That is, as the most serious specialists, including my personal doctor, said from the beginning, there is no pandemic since the deceased do not even reach 3% of all the dead, instead, they should take care of the other 97%. They argue that the problem is that it is very contagious, but it turns out that the normal thing in every flu season is that 60% of the population is infected and the vast majority do not even know it.

These are official figures, so they cannot refute them, but since zombies do not reason, they respond – and repeat and repeat – with slogans that they have heard on TV. They say that the figures are low precisely because of the unnatural measures that governments have taken, when the truth is that these measures, on the contrary, have made the situation much worse. For example, many elderly people have literally died of anguish when they were admitted to a cold hospital “close to dying from a tremendous virus” and without being able to say goodbye to their family. The state health system has literally killed them.

             Let’s start by the beginning. The Greeks already knew, and Aristotle brilliantly wrote it, that violence is precisely that which seeks to coercively divert natural, spontaneous development from the infinitely wise nature. And many like Thomas Aquinas copied it to the point that Etienne Gislon assures that, for Aquinate, the violent and the natural are mutually exclusive.

               That is, violence can only destroy to the point that even in cases of urgent self-defense, efficient methods are peaceful: prevention, deterrence … said in a metaphysical key, the science that studies the reason for physical and psychic movement, such as evil has no existence of its own, but is, precisely, the absence of good, it is fought against by creating good where there is none, where evil is.

                By the way, this implies a corollary of enormous importance: either you believe in freedom, or you believe in the pandemic. Whoever proclaims, «the pandemic», proclaims totalitarianism. It is that, although from a purely factual point of view it can be said that one can believe in freedom and, at the same time, in the pandemic as long as the fight is left in the hands of each individual and not in the State, the truth is that believing that the pandemic exists -a virus capable of jeopardizing the growth of nature, therefore, of the human being- is to believe that there is no spontaneous order -as in the natural market- capable of carrying out man towards good.

             And therefore, since there is no such spontaneous order, governments «must prevail in the face of chaos», they must take care of the society that does not go towards the good of itself if it is not «led» – coerced – by the State.

             From what we have seen, it is incoherent to try to fight evil with eviler, to fight violence with more violence. As a symptomatic case we have the Second World War that killed at least sixty million people.

             If the allies had not intervened – if they had not applied violence – Nazis and Soviets would have destroyed each other and we would not have had to endure the «cold war», the Castro, the Chávez … but in the West – that deep down envied Hitler’s power – an authoritarian whiff underlay that was the one that induced the armed intervention that served to strengthen the Soviet empire and maintain the Hitler halo that today emerges with the quarantines, protocols and other strong restrictions on personal freedoms that have caused -violence only destroys- an increase in poverty and marginalization resulting in ten times more deaths than by the covid.

            By the way, the Allies never cared about the Holocaust and committed serious war crimes as it has been proven.

            Historian David Rieff, a specialist in terrorism, says that in Europe “young people [immigrants and descendants of immigrants] are very angry and some are susceptible to falling into the networks of the Islamic State… They feel powerless because they have no economic or cultural power. Their only weapon is brutality”. Europol notes that Islamic extremism often recruits from marginalized, non-Muslim youth.

           Ultimately, Western states create the necessary breeding ground for terrorism. While work naturally takes over – so many houses, schools, etc., to be done – governments create unemployment by imposing – via the monopoly of violence – labor laws, such as the minimum wage that leaves those who would earn less out of the «legal» market, and they create misery with taxes that are derived downwards by the entrepreneurs, for example, increasing prices.

           The process of training terrorists designed by the West also includes not only not spreading freedom – the eradication of coercion in authoritarian countries – but, on the contrary, supporting Arab governments that are the main ideological and political supporters of extremism. In the fanatic regime of Saudi Arabia, guardian of the holy places of Mecca and Medina and, therefore, a paradigm for the 1.3 billion Muslims, women are true slaves.

           To make matters worse, Western governments have terrorized by «warning» about alleged future terrorist attacks to justify the «war on terrorism» which, in addition to restricting the freedoms of Western citizens given controls and espionage, has increased state spending – ergo, taxes – fueling marginalization and hatred.

           And so it was that the war in Afghanistan was useless as Congressman Ron Paul anticipated … or rather, it served to traffic weapons: the Pentagon was forced to admit that the Taliban have been left with billions of dollars in arms from USA.

            Instead of the war on terror they should promote freedom. If you really want to help Afghan women, start by throwing away the niqab that even many men wear in the West, stop injecting yourself with artificial substances that, in the best of cases, are useless so that even the Finacial Times – which is very “pro-vaccine” – acknowledges that “the most vaccinated country in the world, Israel, expects a very worrying fourth wave”.

            And at worst, vaccines cause severe side effects including death. And, above all, you should oppose the Shaira in the West that prohibits going to bars, cinemas, and others «without being vaccinated.»

            And all of this due to a non-existent pandemic sustained from the panic that is the weapon that totalitarians use to impose themselves, otherwise, they could not exist because the most powerful army in the world is useless if nobody fears it, they could never control hundreds of millions of people. For one example, while the president of Argentina imposed a brutal confinement, he was celebrating his wife’s birthday with many friends, without a niqab, without being vaccinated and all embraced, clearly showing that he does not believe in the pandemic, otherwise he would not take such a risk.

               In short, enjoy life your families and friends, live in peace with your neighbors and promote freedoms, there is no imminent danger of any kind.

* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California


NOTE: Mrs. Fabiana Babare’s account, referring to her mother:

“I feel a lot of revulsion, anger and pain. Months without a visit where she was hospitalized, with a tracheostomy, that is, without being able to say a word, alone and feeling abandoned by her family. Without knowing how they treated her since I could only bring clothes to wash to the door of the clinic. So, she died. She alone like a dog. I didn’t see her body. I didn’t see the bag she was in because I was not even allowed to open the door of the ambulance. I thank the priest who selflessly offered himself in the street to give a blessing who knows what … because we didn’t even see what was inside the utility vehicle. It gives me a lot of anguish and I doubt I can overcome it.

They profess in an exemplary way the «Do what I say and not what I do». Hypocritical, cynical, and unloving. How sad I feel. I can’t deal with it. I think I will never stop feeling it. And seeing how they made fun of us gives me more impotence … my solidarity with all those who experienced situations like those that my children and I had to endure. They are kinky. I can’t find another qualifier. My soul hurts and it will hurt until my last breath”.

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