Campaña 'La Naturaleza nos habla'

By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *

                 Former senator Ron Paul – center-right, to put him somewhere – says that the president of Ukraine almost signed a declaration of war and backed by Washington, said that Ukraine’s policy is to regain Crimea from Russia.

                  The US Defense Secretary, a former director of missile maker Raytheon, promised «unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty.» Washington is sending arms and they are already more than 300 tons. Moscow has responded by relocating troops to its border with Ukraine.

                   By the way, a plebiscite among citizens would be enough for them to decide which government they want to have, if they want one. Ron Paul is right in stating that «We are watching foreign policy made by Raytheon and the other military contractors … the irresponsible foreign policy ‘experts’ … are about to lead us to war.»

                   This is what the States are, these are the «authorities» and the «experts»: arms traffickers, literally, who mark borders and through them create wars where millions die (60 million only in World War II).

                   And these are the «health authorities» who assure that we are experiencing a «pandemic» that has killed less than 3 million people – assuming that the figure is not inflated – in a year and a half worldwide, 0.04% of the global population, the same number as those killed in road and domestic accidents. By the way, in a normal flu season around 60% are infected, that is, about 4 billion people globally.

                    As the judge, and prominent jurist, Ricardo Manuel Rojas, says, «the only epidemic that exists is the fear instilled by the government and its journalist allies», the «panic» communicators, as a friend calls the media, that reprint, without a sensible analysis, what the «official bodies» say as if they were not inefficient or corrupt.

                    The Mexican president is reluctant to be vaccinated, justifying himself in the opinion of the doctor who treated him when he tested positive for coronavirus. And he refuses to wear a mask. After all, the Argentine president injected himself with the two doses of the Sputnik vaccine – which is not approved by the European Union – and yet he was infected with covid. Meanwhile, a link has been found between the AstraZeneca vaccine and thrombosis, said the head of vaccine strategy at the European Medicines Agency.

                      But the important thing, in any case, is not whether the covid is that serious or not, but rather that the «authorities» should accept, and the people and especially the media should understand, that violence and panic -which triggers violence- they are only useless, but they destroy nature, life.

                      It is the people in freedom – without the coercion of the state monopoly of violence – who must take care of themselves. Because violence is immoral, since it goes against life, against nature, as Aristotle said, and it always destroys that way. Thus, confinements and other restrictions on the development of life have caused many more victims than the covid.

                      Already last year – now it has worsened -, not counting the enormous psychological damage and suicides, according to Oxfam only unemployment, interruptions in the food supply and the decrease in aid due to confinements could cause 12,000 deaths from hunger a day in the world.

* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California


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