Discriminación en el trabajo: herramientas para evitarlo | EAE

By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *

               I do not believe in the States, because they are the monopoly of violence with which they impose their “laws”. They are violence. And, without a doubt, as humans mature, they will disappear at least in their character of police and military imposition. However, I always believed that its disappearance would be slow, towards the end of history, not before. But, due to the «pandemic» they behave in such an abusive and childish way that times are accelerating, and it is rapidly increasing and every time more radical, the disbelieve of people on governments and politicians.

               «The World Vaccine Passports Are Coming» headlines Tyler Durden on the recommended ZeroHedge site, and they are called the «golden ticket» to travel. Rental boat operator Panagiotis Mastoras said: “It is the safest way. We have reached a point where we cannot continue like this». Some private companies that make a living from tourism agree because they see it as the possibility that governments lift restrictions and that those who are in panic are encouraged to travel believing that everyone is immunized.

                And I say believing because the truth is that they will never be. Among other reasons, neither vaccines guarantee immunity – and they do have side effects – and falsified negative tests have already begun to circulate, and few are detected by the police. By the way, this shows that the State induces illegality, especially in the face of so much «authorities» abuse.

               Countries like Greece, which have a lot of tourism, hope to receive visitors again, and leads the promotion of passports for vaccines, or immunity tests, in the form of certificates or digital cards, among other tourist nations such as Thailand and the Caribbean. And as airlines could lose $ 95 billion in 2021 after the worst year on record in 2020, many of them support measures that make it easier for people to travel again. Singapore, Qatar, American and United Airlines are some of those that would implement these measures.

                But, as Durden points out, apart from the fact that it will be difficult to find an agreement since there are governments that do not trust some vaccines and others do, passports are also highly discriminatory, to begin with since «they would favor the inhabitants of the richest nations over the poorest ones, where vaccine distribution has just begun».

                It would be ironic to prohibit private companies from discriminating because it would be discriminatory to determine which ones do. But they will have to endure that discrimination because passengers will have the freedom to choose another. But if the government does so by forcing everyone to use passes, then it becomes a violation of human rights, starting with life itself, since there are many people who, for health reasons, refuse to be vaccinated.

                Politicians have been astute in installing panic so that people ask for more restrictions -that is, increasing the power of politicians- due to a disease that does not seem to merit it, since only 0.04% of the global population has died, a fifth of those who died from cancer. In any case, and this is the key, whether the disease is serious or not, the free society could handle the situation much more efficiently than the States and their proverbial inefficacity and, in this way, the fundamental human right of the personal freedom would be preserved.

* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California



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