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Alejandro A. Tagliavini *

                 In a previous column («They opened the gates of hell«), I wrote that after George Floyd’s death, there were even worse protests than after the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968. Crisis that broke out in full frustration given forced – by the state monopoly of violence – quarantines with the excuse of stopping Covid 19 as if nature, in freedom, did not have its own resources.

                 May be one day we will learn that violence only destroys, as science has conclusively established, and that problems of freedom are solved through more freedom or vice versa, problems of violence are aggravated with more violence. Thus, they opened the gates of hell: these quarantines achieved unemployment that then reached 40 million people, many of them alienated and marginalized, a breeding ground for crime.

             Now some Trump supporters have entered the Capitol, four people have died and there have been arrests. Meanwhile, according to some media, the assault was planned on social networks as concern grows that the far-right forums would be planning actions that would culminate in the «March of the Million Militia» on January 20, the day of Biden’s inauguration. The FBI, the Pentagon and Twitter would be warning it.

              Some say it was not Trump supporters who were responsible for the violence, but outside provocateurs. But what matters is not who was, but rather that a social tension has been created – from state violence – that encourages these revolts.

             One of those who entered the Capitol said that “they all betrayed us, representatives, senators, governors, what are we supposed to do? no politician listens to us ”. Another argued that Trump is not the cause but a consequence, since politicians «have abused state agencies that are totally corrupt and now they have invented that you cannot vote in person, although you can go to the supermarket.» Even if they are wrong, frustration is obvious, especially among those who have lost their jobs and have no future.

              Julio Shiling wrote that democracy is «a political arrangement of popular self-government … Power is divided, decentralized and made to compete cordially to protect freedom.» But, with the excuse of the “pandemic”, politicians, and bureaucrats for whom citizens are a paper -or digital- record, erected an authoritarian system -as if free citizens, who risk their own lives, were not responsible- ignoring the will of the people, imposing strong restrictions on freedom, ruining the lives of millions.

                Furthermore, says Schilling, many “media abandoned one of their primary responsibilities as advocates of the truth in a free society: objective investigative journalism. What we are witnessing are ideologically driven operatives that serve interests. «

               And social networks have excessive power, but precisely because the State coercively guarantees them, among other things, a quasi-monopoly based on «intellectual property» laws. So it is not solved by imposing more state regulations – more police power, which would be inconsistent – to brake the Big Techs, but on the contrary, the state must stop guaranteeing these monopolies so that people can express themselves freely.

* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California



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