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Alejandro A. Tagliavini *

                   To take one case among millions, let us see how Manuel V. Gómez blatantly lies in a column published in El País of Spain by stating that “The pandemic broke with the job recovery… The year 2020 ended with less employment and more unemployment for the first time in the last six years. There were… 724,532 more unemployed… And the fall could have been much greater: the ERTE… that the Government launched… as well as other aid have avoided a much greater impact”.

                   Well, the virus can infect people, eventually make them sick and kill them, but it has nothing to do with the job decline in Spain. Some will say that it is a journalistic simplification. No, it is not a simplification, it is a blatant lie with serious consequences. The conclusion, of anyone who reads that paragraph, is that the fall of the economy is not a consequence of the state violence that imposes confinements and other repressions, but, on the contrary, the governments – “the ERTE and other aid” – have avoided worse things. Corollary: the more state violence, the more repression the better.

                   One of the first victims of this increasing state control over people’s lives is the health system. While vaccination in the world, remarkably, comes much slower than what the «experts» predicted, much of the global press applauds Israel where 12% of the population had already been vaccinated just beginning 2021, the country that has vaccinated the most.

                   The Times of Israel “explains” that the success is due to the “community health system…: all citizens, by law, must register in one of the four HMOs”, the private health providers, with a centralized government by the State. Ultimately, the «always beneficial» action of state centralization. By the way, the Israeli government plans a «green passport» to identify those who have already been vaccinated … I hope they do not put a Star of David on those who have not.

                Thus, many countries, encouraged by this «success» are on the way to, or have already done so, taking full control, direct or indirect, of the health system, control that will later follow over other sectors. As is the case of Argentina, which is rapidly “venezualizing” at the rate of the “pandemic”.

               In short, the ideologues of totalitarianism try not only to create panic to cloud the people’s reasoning, but to accuse those who oppose the increase in state repression – violence – of «deniers», lying and diverting the bottom of the discussion. The discussion is not about if the virus exists or not, but about whether the solution is to increase violence, state repression and the will of highly ineffective bureaucrats and politicians when not corrupt, or, on the contrary, to leave the people to take care of their own lives and the lives of those who they love.

             The discussion is about telling the truth or lying: a society, without panic, based on the truth, ergo, the natural evolution of man, of nature, or the lie of a «happy world» imposed by the force of state bureaucrats. Thus, the most feared news today is the truth, since it would prevent the implementation of this authoritarian system that they are building, with the excuse of the «pandemic» that was defined by the para-state bureaucracy of a WHO led by a recognized Marxist, former member of a guerrilla government.

* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California



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