7 Fenómenos de la naturaleza que debes ver antes de morir

Alejandro A. Tagliavini *

                       Where’s Greta Thunberg!?

                       Showing their incoherence, many media and much of the public opinion, after enthroning her as a semi-goddess, in a spark they discarded her, she no longer exists. By the way, only very toxic people like Greta can affirm that “I do not want your hope, nor do I want you to have it. I want you to panic…”and panic clouds reason and induces primary reactions such as violence.

                       Besides being toxic, she was incoherent. Called for violence, not only by causing panic, but also when she demanded that states use their police power to force laws that, supposedly, would defend nature. With violence?

                       Thomas Aquinas says that: «Violence is directly opposed to the voluntary as well as the natural, because it is common to the voluntary and the natural that they come from an intrinsic principle, and the violent emanates from an extrinsic principle.» Etienne Gilson assures that for Aquinate «The natural and the violent are mutually exclusive». Copying Aristotle, who defined it, «there is violence whenever the cause that forces beings to do what they do is external to them.»

                       Ironically, the same media that panicked to «defend nature» continue to stir fear today, but this time accusing nature – a virus not created by man – of being responsible.

                       The information from many media is biased. Every day they report the numbers of «infected» that are not such -they lie- but are those detected supposedly positive, while the real infected are surely many more since it is estimated that about 70% of the population is infected with flu. A Spanish journalist, for example, wrote that «Spain exceeds 50,000 deaths due to the coronavirus …» and adds, with a melodramatic tone, «To those of us who are still alive …» now, those who are still alive are 99.9% of the 46,649,469 of Spaniards.

                   It turns out that 50,000 – granting that this figure is true when it is exaggerated – are those who die every year from the flu. According to ABC, the deaths from influenza are 6,300 per season, and Statista goes even further and says that in 2018 only 1,853 died from the flu. But El Independiente already in 2019 denied them and published that between 15 and 20% of all deaths had the influenza virus. According to the WHO – a bureaucratic and corrupt organism if any, led by a Marxist – up to 650,000 died of influenza in 2017. Considering that the world population is 7.5 billion, and extrapolating, it is credible that some 42,000 die among Spaniards people a year due to the flu.

                       In 2020, the health of Spaniards in general has improved. During 2019 in Spain, a total of 417 620 people died, and almost at the end of 2020, 410 262 died (as of 12/30/2020) according to Countrymeters. I asked the owner of one of the largest health insurance companies («prepaid»), which contains thousands of health professionals, if their services were saturated. He said: «no, everything normal … When this is over, we will realize how ridiculous this all was».

                      «We have lived a bad 2020,» many complain. It is not the fault of nature, which continues to be infinitely wise and splendid, but of the violence of humans with which confinements and other violations of the human right to freedom have been imposed that, to begin with, will mean a fall in the global economy that will translate into hundreds of millions of hungry according to the UN, and many other calamities

                      Lying as is its custom, the WHO published that «The pandemic … has disrupted or paralyzed essential mental health services in 93% of countries … (just when) the pandemic is causing an increase in demand.» The virus, «the pandemic», can infect people, but the catastrophic mental health problem is the fault of state violence, lockdowns and so on.

* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California



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