Alejandro A. Tagliavini *

               Polls say Biden wins, but on Election Day 2016, The New York Times said that Trump had only a 15% chance of winning. Some analysts doubt. Many pro-government voters do not give their opinion intimidated by the intense press campaign against. For some strange reason, the media strays from what people think. For example, almost all the press supports the quarantines when Trump in some measure opposes it.

                 Strangely, I did not find surveys in the US but, for example, in Argentina the lockdowns were initially supported by 85% of the population today, even though it is among the countries with the worst death figures, almost two out of three people oppose it. And in countries like Italy, discontent is especially important and there are protests that, on several occasions, unfortunately ended in violence spurred on by the State with its repressions. «Freedom, freedom, we want to work!» Is the popular cry.

                 It is no longer a partisan issue. The current quarantines originate in communist China, promoted by the WHO whose head belonged to the government of Marxist terrorist origin of Ethiopia, but today, even center-right supporters such as the rulers of Madrid, impose restrictions on personal freedoms.

                  “The size of the threat is… proportional to your fear. That is why the State exists. And terrorism … Both live on your fears … Messiahs and totalitarians live on your fear, they offer exorbitant solutions to problems that do not exist and whose scale is equal to that of your fears. The virus has the severity of your fears and that is the reason why they scare you those who offer to defend you from threats that your fear imagines … Are they not afraid? Yes. They are terrified. They know that … you can lose your fear. And on that day they will be left with nothing ”, describes very wisely the lawyer Martin Carranza Torres.

                   An administrator was questioned by the inhabitants of a building because the bills were extremely high. «Have you ever seen a bear?» he asked, «never», they answered him. Then the administrator declared: «That shows that the spending is totally useful because it keeps you safe from bears.»

                  Violence is born from fear, it is the irrational reaction of those whose brain is paralyzed by panic. And the State assumes the monopoly of violence with which it imposes laws and mandates.

                  Continuing with Argentina, in 2020 fewer people will die than in 2018 and 2019. The mortality rate falls. In almost no country did this rate change much and in some it fell. In Spain, on the other hand, according to the figures released -if they are not exaggerated- 53,000 people died, or 0.1% of the population, when 2.4% of the global population died during the Spanish flu.

                   Considering that 0.1% does not die strictly from «Covid» but already had other serious diseases, the best way to survive is to stay healthy, going outdoors, doing sports, and family and social life to keep the spirit high. As Sweden shows that, without repressing people, according to the Financial Times, today it has less than a tenth of the deaths that Spain has which endures strong repressions -by the State- destructive to the point that in New York, the world’s most cosmopolitan city, a million and a half people go to food banks.

* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California


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