Alejandro A. Tagliavini *

                   “The WHO has just admitted that it was right. Quarantines are killing countries around the world. The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. Open your states, Democratic Governors. Open New York. Long battle, but they finally got it right!” Trump tweeted triumphantly. It happens that the bureaucratic WHO renounced its quarantine preaching, and now it will probably assert that the chinstraps only make breathing difficult!

                   Trump, in Florida, said he is «immunized» to a crowd of thousands of supporters, few of whom wore masks. «I feel powerful!» He said. «I’m going to walk … I’ll kiss everyone … the men and the magnificent women,» he added with a laugh. According to his medical team, he tested negative for covid-19 and was not contagious, already in the final stretch towards the presidential elections on November 3.

                       Exhibiting undeniable momentum, a week after leaving the hospital, he commented on his usual themes: «cheater» Hillary and the «corrupt» press, and her alarmist warnings against the «radical left» and the «socialist nightmare.» He also threw scathing darts at his rival, «Sleepy Joe», ensuring that he does not attract «almost anyone». It turns out that Joe Biden does not participate in massive acts arguing that he respects the efforts of the health authorities, of a government that, by the way, his opponent leads.

                        The medical report issued Saturday night indicated that the American president was no longer a transmission risk to others. And Trump was spreading on Sunday morning, on television and Twitter, that he could no longer be contagious. The social network accompanied the publication with a message in which it warned that it was «misleading and potentially harmful information.» It is the second time, in less than a week, that the platform warns about a message from the president for the same reason.

                      Previously Trump had written «Every year … sometimes more than 100,000, and despite the vaccine, die from the flu», and Facebook deleted the post «for having misleading information» and Twitter accompanied it, pointing out that it was «misleading and potentially harmful information ”. Now, how do Facebook and Twitter know that the information is false? Well, they do not know, therefore, they act arbitrarily.

                     Let’s see, positivism has led to believe, with much incoherence, that the only valid knowledge is «scientific» and at the same time that it is possible to reach absolute knowledge in the sense that there may be «scientific» statements that are definitive truths. Which is incoherent because science exists precisely because there is so much to know and absolutely everything can be improved. In other words, affirming that a scientific sentence is final and irrevocable is a contradiction in terms. Therefore, it is not serious to say that Trump has the absolute truth but neither that the opponents have it.

                     In any case, Twitter and Facebook have the right to comment, cover up or delete what they want, which arises from private property rights. But for this right to be morally “complete”, the laws of “intellectual property” -as if the ideas had an owner- must be completely eliminated so that the monopoly that these laws grant them ends and other social networks arise to which users can go in case of being eliminated by Twitter or Facebook.

* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California


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