By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *

                «Humans deserve what they have: they fill their mouths talking about nature (climate change, GMOs, blah, blah, blah …) and then cover it with something unnatural like a mask. Greta T was in fashion, they bet it would change the world, months later, she doesn’t exist”, wrote someone on Twitter. Well, even if it was not right and the mask was useful, I highlight the incoherence that prevails. Either it is the mask, or it is nature, both cannot be at the same time, not perceiving this incoherence is a clear indication that there is no reasoning but a state of panic.

                The days of the UN General Assembly reveal a world totally polarized with global leaders in a virtual meeting marked by tension between Trump and Xi. A dialogue of the deaf where the multilateral strategy does not exist and that portrays some leaders facing each other, the growing tensions between Beijing and Washington – two increasingly authoritarian leaderships – reviving the Cold War, with Russia destabilizing the West; the Turkish challenge in the eastern Mediterranean; or Washington’s announcement to impose new sanctions on Iran.

              For the first time in the 75 years of the UN, the leaders will not meet but in a succession of prerecorded speeches. In other words, more distant, more disunited than ever. “Climate calamity looms. Biodiversity is collapsing. Poverty grows again. Hate spreads. Geopolitical tensions are escalating. Nuclear weapons are still on a sensitive trigger alert … and we must face them together», said the UN Secretary General during the opening ceremony in which they were all separated.

             But how did we get to this point, what good has the UN been for? States are the monopoly of violence and the UN its sum. I will not discuss the need for them to exist, but, in any case, it is incoherent to pretend they can solve problems when it is clear that violence is in itself destructive of the natural, in fact, Aristotle – and many others – defined it as that which contrary to nature.

             Now, why do politicians appeal to violence, to repression to «solve the problems.» Because it is their modus vivendi -of the State- and that is what their survival is about despite knowing that repression only destroys. It is that, as the prominent neurologist A.K. Pradeep said, 95% of the decisions we make are gestated in the subconscious. And the subconscious forces us to survive, so politicians do not really care what happens to the country, their survival prevails. By the way, fear and aggression go together.

             Take for example Argentina, which is increasingly looking like Venezuela or even Cuba. Today it has the longest quarantine in the world without any positive results to show and a lot of destruction. There are no flights, and it remains isolated from the world, something as normal as buying foreign currency, such as the dollar, is considered a crime.

           Martín Tetaz wrote on Twitter that “Classes are not going to return (at least for now) … It doesn’t matter what protocol they present or what guarantees they give them. Peronism governs and education is not considered essential”. The degradation reached the point where it is not spent on education, but on subsidies for millions of unemployed as a result of the quarantine, and all this with a tax burden and a suffocating lack of freedom that causes companies to flee the country.

* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California


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