Europa calla: solo Macron condena los ataques en Gaza

By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *

                My readers must be tired – and I thank you for so much patience – of reading in countless columns of mine the description of how violence, in any case and under any circumstance, serves only to destroy and encourage more aggressiveness. There is no doubt that the widespread belief that violence at times can be useful -in cases of «self-defense» since, absolutely all, the violent say they are defending themselves- is a primitive, irrational impulse, it is a primary reaction of we humans who are still much more animal than rational. Even so, the subject is so important that I will never stop repeating it and, thus, here is more evidence than I already gave.

                Juan Carlos Sanz says that the economic crisis in Gaza increases the tension between Israel and Hamas. With an unemployment rate that reaches 45% in the Gaza Strip as a direct consequence of the -violent- police action against companies and citizens who want to work or circulate, read “compulsory confinement”, the misery that was not little has increased .

                  In this climate of despair, the spiral of violence, which began with the release of incendiary balloons and explosives in the direction of kibbutz and border towns, has increased with the launch of rockets and riots with Molotov cocktails carried out by civilians on the border, after over four months with almost no incidents. In other words, the irrational violence of the confinements fueled the equally irrational violence of the Palestinians.

                   These incidents, which were immediately responded to with Israeli aviation bombings, attempt to force the fulfillment of commitments forgotten by the confinements such as the establishment of industrial zones on the periphery of the enclave and the granting of work permits in Israel, as well as the entry of dual-use military and civil materials for the construction sector.

                   Another evidence. Catalina Oquendo tells that a second massacre of young people in a week mourns Colombia. Eight young people were murdered in Samaniego, in the south of the country, on Saturday night. This second massacre in days, after five adolescents were beheaded in Cali, would have occurred in a house where some thirty young people were sharing a barbecue when a group of hooded men arrived and fired indiscriminately with rifles. In the last two months, more than 20 homicides have been registered in Samaniego.

                   It turns out that the cult of violence, established from the confinements imposed by the police, induces groups of citizens to believe they have the right to «execute» those who do not comply with this confinement. Threatening pamphlets and brutal punishments by armed groups have been known against those who do not stay at home. Even personally, although of much less seriousness, I have been the victim of attacks for the sole fact of opposing violence, to the police quarantines.

                   In short, although still far away, the truth is that, if this snowball does not stop at some point, it could even end in the third world war, most likely nuclear, from the mutual aggressions and accusations between the US and China . In fact, the military presence in Asia is growing more and more and now South Korea and the US began their annual joint military exercises until August 28.

* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California


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