By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *

             As I have said on several occasions, violence destroys so the State, that claims its monopoly, destroys when it uses it, when it represses, when it creates laws or regulations that prohibit activities. On the contrary, countries grow to the extent that the State – violence – stops intervening in societies. For this reason, because little by little Chinese communism has liberated, ceased to violate, its markets is that its economy has grown to the point of becoming a global power and already almost equals the US in number of unicorn companies, the leaders in technological development worth more than US $ 1 billion.

           Thus, as I wrote previously, it seems that Evo Morales was right in saying that China won the third world war without firing a shot, and if things continue in this way, it will soon be the dominant power. Recently, true to his best Maoist story, imposed a quarantine that destroyed – like all violence – its economy and, through his allies at WHO, recommended it and spread it across the globe.

          The result was the destruction of the global economy. But China, with the same authoritarianism with which it imposed these confinements, lifted them while the West continues to debate whether to remove or harden them. For this reason, it is now the only power that grows: its economy shot up in the second quarter by 11%, while those of the US and Germany fell -9.5% and -10.1% respectively.

              And the worst of the case is that the US is suspicious, afraid and opts for the wrong path, that of violence, which is the one that is always triggered by fear. And it imposes sanctions on China that, strictly speaking, are sanctions on its own citizens, such as tariffs on Chinese products that the Americans end up paying.

              In retaliation for the punishment announced last week by Washington against Hong Kong Chief Executive and 10 other officials from the enclave and the Communist Party of China, Beijing is redoubling the pressure and has announced that it sanctions 11 political representatives and from US NGOs, including Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

             China is trying to undermine democratic processes, disqualifying pro-democracy candidates and postponing the legislative elections scheduled for September 6, in which the opposition would probably win a large majority, but which have been postponed with the same excuse with which the quarantines were imposed.

             In addition, in another action against the Hong Kong protest movement, the police detained Jimmy Lai, founder of Apple Daily, the main pro-democracy newspaper in the territory, and at least six other people including his children under the recent Law of National Security imposed from Beijing that shakes the regime of rights and freedoms of the territory. Ironically, this popularized the newspaper to the point that the shares of the owner company, Next Digital, soared 183% that day.

              After the approval of the Security Law, Trump signed an order to suspend preferential economic treatment to the former British colony and thus impact the interests of China. But the truth is that it will impact the US’s own interests first. On the contrary, the solution is to further free economic and immigration regulations for Hong Kong so that they can get closer to the US and less to Beijing.

* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California


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