La sangre robada de Juan Pablo II y la pista que apunta a los ...

The «weapon» that literally surpasses atomic ones …

 By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *

                 Some time ago, a prestigious professional dedicated to advising companies told me something surprising: the worst enemy of any company – large, small and even individual – is not the crudest competition, but oneself and it begins in fear and insecurity causing violent and self-destructive reactions. It is good news: knowing that, to win, who we must control is not someone unreachable.

                 Javier Fesser in his movie, “Champions”, shows that fear is the greatest intellectual disability and describes how a group of disabled people cope with it, a modest basketball team with a motto: “Life is to enjoy with what you have; keep smiling». They are people who, above all, are not afraid.

                 During phylogenesis, the evolution of the human being over hundreds of thousands of years, the function of fear has been to increase our chances of survival and thanks to it, we have adapted a timely response to danger in order to survive, which normally has been to avoid danger if possible and, if not, face it.

                 Now, as the universal principle indicates, everything in physics reacts spontaneously in the opposite direction, that is, in front of a violent action reacts violently. But it turns out that violence is always destructive, as we already know, so man can reason and find a better solution. Thus, contrary to popular belief, the brave overcome fear, they reason, and find a better, nobler subterfuge.

                  Coinciding, the expert Joaquín Gual assures that our worst enemy is ourselves so that we must manage our fear – whose antidote is trust – to do what must be done and at the right time. When you know how to do what you must – after finding a rational solution – your confidence increases exponentially, and you will end up winning. The sum of knowledge, skills and emotional strength continues Gual, gives the necessary confidence to minimize fear.

                  Jesse Livermore said that «Rational people act irrationally when they are afraid … The way of reasoning atrophies”. And then they appeal to violence and so finally «governs» -imposes over the freedom of people- the one that has the greatest capacity for intimidation: The State that, in fact, claims the monopoly on violence. Thus, peace, freedom and progress are three words to define the same thing: absence of violence.

                  Thus, the «Do not be afraid!», with which John Paul II greeted from Saint Peter’s Square, when he began his Pontificate, in 1978, was the motto of his work because he knew that courage is the opposite of violence, and with this «weapon» demolished the most powerful statism in history, the USSR, without blood, without wars.

                 Dr. Katrin Korb in an unmissable video (whose original is from News HQ) ensures that by overcoming fear, people think creatively, they are responsible for themselves – instead of the State, the monopoly on violence – they do not get sick so fast and help to heal the world of any disease, and when they get sick then they face their own mortality and make peace with it. These people cannot be scared so easily. You have no power over them. By the way, as always, the critics are not lacking but they are so poor, like the Republic of Peru, that it is not even worth answering.

* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California


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