By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *

                  It is incredible that in part of the world has been installed a solution of “medieval medicine”, as the best specialists describe quarantine, or of Maoist “medicine” to put it in modern terms, which breaks with logic, with human nature since that locking people is not normal, it is violent, and it violates human rights such as freedom. But more incredible is that, in front of the evidence, not only do they not reconsider, but they turn the data and the logic to justify themselves.

               In another column, I already wrote that this «pandemic» is another flu, according to serious specialists like Michael Levitt or Pablo Goldsmith. In fact, the Covid 19 is attributed some 450,000 deaths – granting that this amount is not very «inflated» – while the Maoist bureaucracy of the WHO estimates that up to 650,000 are killed annually by influenza (in Argentina, for example, there are about 32,000 ).

               Now, those who support medieval medicine, counter argue that if it were not for the quarantines, many more would die, which is nothing more than science fiction, in fact, it is the other way round, they die more because locked up they weaken and in any case they get infected in elevators, when going out to the balconies and in other ways.

               But let us assume that quarantines prevented five million deaths worldwide, according to the most alarmist. Let us multiply the fear mongering by ten and believe the nonsense that 50 million would die. Even the officialism as the UN assures that due to “the pandemic”, that is, the economic effects of quarantines and other state repressions, in 2020 around 130 million people will be added, to the 135 million in 2019, who could be close to starving! 130 million! Genocide, true.

              In addition, we must add the violence that emerges from the monopoly of violence with which the State imposes quarantines, such as femicides, domestic violence, suicides and others. The prominent Argentine economist Miguel Boggiano points out that hundreds of companies are being closed due to quarantine, (the State) is advancing over private property … while it has Covid-19 patients in overcrowded facilities. Incidentally, the companies that close are millions worldwide.

                  But the most ironic thing is that global health is worsening, the overall death rate is skyrocketing. Because, with the excuse of the coronavirus, millions of treatments have been suspended, such as, for example, that of Adela in Peru who underwent chemotherapy sessions at the Esalud Rebagliati Hospital and, when the disease was subsiding, her treatment was cancelled.

                   J. Hoffman and R. Maclean say that «the fight to stop the coronavirus» – quarantines and other restrictions – accelerates other diseases. Among other things because flights with medicine and aid were prohibited or diverted. Diphtheria is appearing in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, cholera in South Sudan, Cameroon, Mozambique, Yemen, and Bangladesh. A mutated strain of poliovirus in more than 30 countries. And measles – which is more contagious than coronavirus – spreads around the world, including Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, the Central African Republic, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Nigeria, and Uzbekistan.

                    The risk is «an epidemic that will kill more children than COVID-19,» said Chibuzo Okonta of Doctors Without Borders. A real genocide. I only hope that this serves humanity to understand in the future that it cannot act because of fear or with violence.

* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California


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