El chavismo y el kirchnerismo hicieron de todo con la corrupción ...

Alejandro A. Tagliavini *

                «There are those who think differently from me, even I, after some time, think differently from me», J.L. Borges.

                  The world lives a «state of fear». From the Chinese Communist Party and the WHO -bureaucracy led by a former member of the Marxist government of Eritrea– terror was installed by a «pandemic» that is showing , as serious specialists such as Pablo Goldsmith advanced, that it is just another flu: the Covid 19 has killed around 420,000 people while the WHO estimates that up to 650,000 die from influenza annually.

                  And fear induces the violence that subjugates, that’s why the «Do not be afraid!», with which John Paul II greeted from Saint Peter, when he began his Pontificate, in 1978, was his motto. He knew that courage is the opposite of violence and so he defeated the USSR, without blood, without wars, peacefully.

                  Thanks to fear they forced «quarantines» using the state monopoly on violence and citizens live in fear of the virus and for being imprisoned if they disobey confinement. And they ridiculously justify them, such as the «report» by the not credible Imperial College that ensures that confinement in 11 countries in Europe has prevented more than three million deaths. «Science» fiction.

                    For their part, economists such as Juan Ramón Rallo, without caring about the human right to freedom, says that many will think “that it has been the physical distancing measures decreed by the Government that have sunk the economy… In the absence of government impositions , they will say, perhaps the death toll would have been higher, but a good part of the economy would continue to function … conclusion … essentially wrong: even without imposed physical distancing measures … citizens would apply them … sinking … economic activity … «.

                  First, there is no evidence that «the death toll would have been higher» but to the contrary. But even if citizens applied the same measures voluntarily – doubtful if they were not for the panic spread by governments – the difference would be enormous: in one case it is state violence repressing the market, in the other it is the market in search of its development and balance.

                 This violence, the quarantines, produce enormous global damages and the malnourished will increase by millions. In Argentina, for example, the State expanded strongly and its last action was the intervention and future expropriation of Vicentin, the largest soy marketer, which is one of the largest exports in the country, such as oil for Venezuela.

                 As I. Cachanosky and A. Etchebarne point out, «expropriation on the lips of a government that has praised … Maduro … generates deep concern … it is not the first … and the most serious thing is that it will probably not be the last».

                    José Luis Espert, economist and politician, wrote that the president said «they want … to ensure food sovereignty.» According to Víctor Salmerón, in 2007, Chávez announced «food sovereignty», and until 2012 the State took control of 26 companies in the food sector and founded ice cream, sardines and tuna companies, expropriated silos, collection centers and six million hectares.

                     The trend in Argentina is towards Chavismo, beyond ideology, out of inertia, because with quarantine they greatly enlarged the State while destroying the private sector and, in a vicious circle, as companies go bankrupt, following the same ideology, they will be expropriated and the State will have the weight, and the authoritarianism, of the Venezuelan.

* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California



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