By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *

             To name one of my publications, in a tweet in which I opposed forced quarantines, 7000 interactions and 300 messages with strong insults (and 210 “likes”) have occurred so far. My reaction was twofold, on the one hand, the feeling of being right since, when they insult that much, they show their lack of arguments and so they have no alternative but to attack and, as they cannot through reason, they impose their ideas by force.

              On the other hand, I got a chill, it reminded me of the Third Reich and the prevailing fanaticism and where all that ended. It would never occur to me to impose my ideas by force, even if science were to agree with me completely which is not possible, because it is not possible to arrive at absolute truth or irrefutable truth, otherwise there would be no science that, precisely , is the incessant search for the truth that is never fully achieved.

            Fanaticism has reached such a point that for a large part of the media and public opinion everything is the fault of the “pandemic”. If the markets fall, they will title «Stocks went down because of the coronavirus.» They do not reason, they do not relate cause and effect. Because the virus causes fever and other symptoms, but not the markets to fall.

            The headline of an article in an important newspaper in Buenos Aires was «The level of human development is endangered by the coronavirus.» My God! how can it not be that people are terrified of the virus if it even «causes poverty». They should have told the truth, that is, that poverty is the result of forced quarantines, by the violence of governments, and violence always destroys.

            «The level of human development -which measures education, health and living conditions- is in danger of suffering a setback … UNDP evaluated» says the note that continues affirming that «10 million more children worldwide could face acute malnutrition this year as a result of the pandemic (sic), which would leave them one step away from starvation. ” In other words, «the pandemic» causes malnutrition, something that should be reported to doctors who have not yet noticed this symptom.

             Solomon Asch, a Polish psychologist based in the US, studied the «compliance» process. He formed groups and subjected them to a false experiment. The result was that 75% answered the same as the others, adding to the wrong answer. But privately they confessed to distinguishing the truth but they had not said it out loud because of fear.

              The conclusion is that the pressure exerted by the group on the individual is overwhelming and one of the greatest fears of the human being is not being accepted. Asch’s experiment demonstrates how important it is to avoid negative social judgment, and that questioning the foundations of the paradigm that supports all social scaffolding causes panic. That is why people are willing to deny reality and irrefutable facts. And today the official story is overwhelming with the States that have an almost infinite capacity for propaganda.

          The other 25%, who did not get carried away by the majority, aroused envy and resentment because they were capable to freely give their opinion. Hence the tendency of the resentful to insult, their irrationality and the arrogance of imposing themselves by violent, forced means, such as compulsory quarantines.

          And so, with this brainwashing, they have imposed something as incoherent as saying that «for the good of the people» they take away a basic human right, such as freedom.

* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California


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