maoBy Alejandro A. Tagliavini *


In February I wrote that panic is the most lethal and effective weapon of the authoritarians, because it impedes rationing and provokes primary reactions such as violence that, Aristotle already said and science has established incontestably, can only destroy even in the urgent defense cases.

And, although the frightened do not recognize it and say that they act in defense of general health, the truth is that they do not rationalize, otherwise they would act with wisdom and not wanting to imprison, violate, anyone who does not comply with their «obvious sanitary norms ”.

Point 2 of sheet 2 of the guide to certify deaths from the Covid 19 of the WHO, dictates that any death that can be related to this virus must be counted as such, even if not proven. In other words, the little more than 320,000 deaths recorded are probably not all caused by this coronavirus.

But suppose these are exact figures. A WHO report from November 2018 says «Flu (seasonal) … can be … even fatal … annual epidemics are estimated to cause 3 to 5 million severe cases and 290,000 to 650,000 deaths.» That is to say, the number at which the Covid 19 will arrive if continues with this rhythm.

But those who have panicked repeat slogans and spin the statistics to justify their fear. So I am not going to discuss them and I will assume that the «pandemic» is that serious. Now, was it necessary to violate the human right to freedom so as to «maintain public health» overall?

Even the officialist UN admits that the economic crisis caused by the quarantines will kill more children from malnutrition than those killed by Covid. In addition, family violence increases «dramatically» according to the UN. The Colombian Women’s Observatory says that calls due to domestic violence have tripled. Additionally, quarantine is creating a mental health crisis and an increase in suicides, warns the American Academy of Family Physicians.

And the damage continues and not only to health as is logical given the unnatural nature of being locked up, but it destroys the health system itself. As a consequence of panic and being unable to leave their homes, millions of patients are not being treated to the point that, among the thousands of cases, two clinics of the very prestigious Favaloro Foundation of Argentina will be closed due to a lack of patients.

But even then, the frightened will not stop wanting to violently impose themselves on those who do not think like them and try to imprison us, or worse, if we do not fulfill their mandates. And so they are being useful to the Maoist totalitarianism that has caused this, from communist China to the WHO led by a recognized Marxist and going through Chavistas such as the authoritarian and ill-educated Argentine president who has said that «normality will not return anymore», with unusual insolence.

Although for the moment they win the battle, normality – and freedom – will return because we are human and not humanoid, but clearly the return will be hard and after immeasurable damage, especially among the poor who are the ones who suffer the most from tyrannies.

Now the media in panic titled that «Trump leaves the WHO so that China will lead the fight against the crononavirus», they don’t even happen to think that this fight should be faced by the people in freedom and not by a government and even less by a Maoist bureaucratic political organism.


* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California


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