MaoismoBy Alejandro A. Tagliavini *


Princess Camilla di Borbone suggested: «Imagine you were born in 1900.» At your age of 14, First World War began, which ended when you were 18, killing 22 million people, and that year the «Spanish flu» appeared.

According to a report by the US CDC dated in 2018, a third of the world’s population became infected and 50 million died. «Tight and confined spaces and massive troop movements helped fuel the spread,» the CDC acknowledged. One of the first cases occurred in March 1918 at Fort Riley, Kansas. The overcrowding quickly spread the virus by military units that took it to France and it was believed that it attacked only the military.

And the ferocious quarantine – in New York even those who did not not cover themselves when coughing were imprisioned- does not seem to have helped, on the contrary, the number of deaths suggests that it was part of the problem. This flu subsided in mid-1919 before the virus could be isolated. Today it is known that it was H1N1, which circulated as a seasonal virus for 38 years.

Anyway, when you turn 29, the Great Depression begins, until you are 33. When you reach 39, the Second World War begins, which lasts until you are 45, killing about 75 million people, including 6 million due to the holocaust.

When you reach 50, the Korean War breaks out and 5 million people die. At age 55, the 20-year Vietnam War begins, killing 4 million. When you get closer to 62, the Cuban missile crisis emerges, a peak of the cold war, and terror from nuclear war.

A hard life. Now, clearly, it was governments, states that started not only these wars, but also spread the Spanish fever «biblically» with their armies and underpinned it with quarantines. As if people, societies in freedom could not solve epidemics more effectively.

Those born in 1985 have not lived that long. But they face the «Covid-19» and the governments, the States, so irresponsible. A lucid group of Catholic clergy led by Archbishop Carlo Viganó and Cardinals Gerhard Mueller, Joseph Zen and Janis Pujats warn that «the pandemic» is used as a pretext to «control people, deprive them of their rights … (and) provides a prelude… for the realization of a world government ”without control.

Like many, Shiva Ayyaduraii, MIT PhD, says that mandatory quarantines are «medieval medicine.» But the current one is, both ideologically and chronologically, Maoist, since it was started by the Chinese Communist Party and endorsed by a WHO chaired by a notorious Marxist militant.

Panic has confused to the point that we no longer respect the laws of logic whose first principle, attributed to Parmenides, that of non-contradiction, establishes that good cannot arise from evil. Depriving people of something natural like freedom can never be a good.

The damages are very serious: spiritual, moral, psychological (increase in suicides and intra-family and social violence), economic to the point that hundreds of thousands will starve … and, ironically, to health: the New York governor admitted that 66% of those admitted to hospitals for «Covid-19» were complying with the quarantine.

In short, as with all ills, we will overcome this Maoism but, as we are already seeing, it will not be fast or easy and at an apocalyptic cost.


* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California



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