By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *


For more than 20 years, my personal doctor, Arnaldo Bresciani, took excelent care of my people including my mother who is going to the 90’s and me, and kept us extremely healthy. I asked him about the crononavirus and he assured me that it was another flu, and told not to do nonsense like shutting myself up and leaving sports, the sun and the outdoors.

Then these political bureaucrats – whom I don’t trust given their proverbial inefficiency and corruption – including those of the WHO, whose president is a former member of a violent-guerrilla-Leninist Marxist government, said that this virus is worse than a flu, a pandemic!

I made my own research and found that all the best independent specialists – Goldmith, Wodarg, Elkin, Smith, Ayyadurai and so many more – coincide with my doctor. And finally, there are the official figures that, even when they are exaggerated because they accuse the coronavirus in people with terminal diseases, show that they die more from influenza.

End of the discussion, it only remains to see if time confirms that it is another flu. But I give those who think differently the benefit of the doubt, because only God has the absolute truth, although the arrogant want to have it.

Such is the arrogance of these bureaucrats who forced quarantines violating the human right of liberty, destroying the rule of law and, some, carrying out a virtual coup d’etat by closing the legislative and judicial powers. And knowing that the deaths given the economic debacle outnumber by far those caused by the virus.

But as if the scientific evidence was not enough to show that the attitude of politicians and bureaucrats is degrading, the violate the most basic common sense by saying that working is dangerous, getting together with family and friends is not healthy, sex is dangerous and it is better to masturbate, playing sports It is counterproductive and many more insane ideas.

Now, can we retrace this path to a Marxist-Leninist dictatorship? By the way, they will try the obligatory vaccination of who knows what poison in the style of «medical» experiments, such as Dr. Mengele’s Zykol B. The most serious problem is disarming the «single thought» installed with the help of innumerable media at the instance of governments.

As the philosopher Gabriel Zanotti points out, it is mass crowding, governments «advised» by «experts» trained in barbarism … As terrible as it is predictable. Out of positivist formal education, in short, from the irrational affirmation that man can achieve «irrefutable truth» and, therefore, can violently impose himself on those who «do not understand».

Schopenhauer, who coined the term in 1819, said that the «single thought» supported itself without the need for references, it sustained itself on his own will. Marcuse outlines that was a thought composed of hypotheses, only, that were self-validated through its incessant repetition, lack of contrast, and association of thought with the subjective. In the end, people who massify themselves in «the absolute truth» are willing to be driven by a mesias.

In short, I warn you that, if you oppose the «single thought», the «pandemic», you may suffer important consequences, instead I personally have a privileged situation that allows me to do it, at worst some media will not publish my columns but, in that case, it is them who have the problem and their readers.


* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California


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