By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *

Allan Stevo remembered that was fall of 1989, and the Berlin wall had fallen. People from the Soviet bloc were coming to the West through Hungary. The situation was slipping out of the hands of the Warsaw Pact communists who had kept their populations in «quarantine». Would freedom extend to Czechoslovakia?

November 17, 1989 was Student Day, a holiday, an opportunity to party and dream. The small initial flame ended in a «revolution» in which no blood flowed, «the velvet revolution.» Tens of thousands came to a square in Prague and asked for the government to leave, some without even saying it, took the keys out of their pockets and clinked them.

Imagine tens of thousands of people rattling their keys, the horror on the face of the communist bureaucracy staring out the window at a crowd, visible as far as the eye could see, and hearing that roar. The government realized that they had alienated the population to such an extent that they no longer cared that the tanks would be thrown at them. And the bureaucrats themselves already felt worn out.

The people remained peaceful with the wisdom and strength of who is right. At the end of the year, the dissident Vaclav Havel, who had been in prison, was installed in the Prague Castle. Alexander Dubcek, the Slovak hero of the 1968 Prague Spring would be his right-hand man.

Today, the actions of many governments – including in some countries the suspension of their judicial and legislative powers, an eventual coup d’état – imposing «quarantines» (home arrest) to «take care of public health», try to go beyond Soviet communism that, strictly speaking, wanted the economy to function and kept the churches open, influential in popular life, making it possible for John Paul II to be a decisive actor in the fall of the Soviet bloc, empowering the struggle of Lech Walesa.

The current Stalinist «quarantines», on the other hand, exterminate the human being since when people could leave this aseptic isolation will be infected with a thousand diseases, given the fall in his immune system, in addition to causing such an economic disaster that even the officialist UN has to admit that 66 million children could fall into extreme poverty with consequences, if not death, for the rest of their lives. And, in case there were any living beings left, some governments are almost demanding not to have sexual relations, but «virtual sex», so that humanity does not reproduce.

Only alienated by panic, some people cannot realize that the purpose of these Stalinist measures is to destroy and weaken to subdue man. Some imposed them without this being their initial intention and many supported them believing that they were to save humanity. But the State is the monopoly of violence with which it imposes «laws», that is, it is the violence that we know from the Greek philosophers that it always destroys. You have to be very naive to believe that the police are there to imprison the virus.

By the time being, we are submerged in a snowball where the negative results of home arrest are attributed to «the pandemic» and, with that excuse, the «quarantine» is further deepened. But in the long run – although after an extremely high cost – the sense of survival of the human being will prevail and the politicians of today will suffer the same fate as the Stalinists of the old guard.


* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio and Member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California


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