By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *


Stockholm is in peace and freedom. There are people, there is life in the cafeterias and adolescents chatting in the parks. Authorities advise social distancing, work at home, that people over 70 isolate themselves and that meetings be limited to 50 people. Standing in bars is prohibited, but they do serve tables. High schools and universities are closed, but preschools and elementary schools are not.

«Sweden is an unusual case,» said Johan Giesecke of the Health Agency, «Other nations have taken inconsiderate political measures instead of those dictated by science.» Coinciding with many scientists, such as Georgetown’s Lawrence Gostin, who says that quarantines are never effective. Mandatory quarantine – imposed by police States – is not real because the virus can be spread from the balcony, in the elevator, etc., and prisoners are more likely to become infected and become ill when weakened.

According to Gymtca, after three weeks of inactivity, a person loses 40% of his physical conditions, at 7 weeks, 100%, gaining in stress, depression, anxiety, aggressiveness, paranoia and panic and losing especially in immune defences. According to Federico Fros Campelo, professor of ITBA in Neuroscience, when the brain “operates normally, sequential thinking governs and there is a cause-effect link… with uncertainty… Fear of the inexplicable makes us believe in all the news that we receive”. The oxytocin hormone strengthens the bonds of proximity and decreases with isolation. “In the absence of contact, the brain can be tricked through technology. Similar effect to pornography”, says Fros.

The governments of the police States -which are enlarging like a cancer and later it will be difficult to roll them back- know that with the «quarantine the number of cases will not go down … it is sought that they appear in a controlled manner and not overflow the system,» says the main adviser to the Argentine Government. In other words, it recognizes that the state health system is incompetent, in fact, for example in Spain, while private companies are handing out masks by the millions, the government is far behind. So, then the state must withdraw, not interfere further.

With enormous hypocrisy it is said that life must be preserved, even if it costs the economy. To neglect the economy is to kill more people than this epidemic. In Spain, a program “Feeding desperate families due to the covid crisis” has been created. Covid crisis? Things in place, the food crisis is a direct consequence of the measures of the police State, not the virus.

Juan Isasmendi, a priest in Buenos Aires, has just set up an emergency dining room for 4,000 daily servings. «We are perplexed. The ‘health emergency’ has worsened the social emergency …» Many people are forbidden to go to work. So far in 2020, according to the UN, only among children under 5 have died 140,000 from malnutrition. And the situation is worsening quickly by global enclosure.

Sweden, which with 10 million inhabitants had 239 deaths from the coronavirus until the end of March, acts wisely, because violating the human right of freedom will make things worse, evil can only bring evil, it is Parmenides’ principle of non-contradiction, and violence – police coercion – can only destroy the cosmos, as Aristotle already said.


*Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and member of the Advisory Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California



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