By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *


Since the so-called covid- 9 was discovered, the most damaged are the moral principles, and this will have a very high cost. Basic human rights such as liberty are being systematically violated and angry people applaud as in the Roman circus. Lack of freedom means that, by using police violence, a person is being prevented from fully developing his life, violating freedom is violating life.

The argument used to justify forced quarantines by turning cities into ghettos – and politicians say they don’t know when they will free regardless of the misery of the people – is that there is no right to circulate infecting others. And it is usually applied without even knowing if the person in question is really infected, much less if he infects others.

The human right to freedom – inviolable because it is the right to life – implies that, if someone is afraid of being infected in a public space, is free to avoid it, but pretending to imprison another person because would supposedly infect him is discrimination, highly immoral.

The worst of the case is that, as evil destroys – as the Greeks knew that good can never come out of evil – it is credible what great specialists assure, that quarantine is destructive, like all violence. Until March 24, those killed by the virus in quarantined countries – a recipe of Chinese communism – for example, were 6,100 in Italy and 2,700 in Spain. While where no quarantine was applied, there were 120 in Korea – the first country to detect the virus after China – 33 in Sweden and 2 in Taiwan.

The reasons are countless, to begin with the quarantine is a lie, because neighbors go out on the balcony and the one above can infect the one below, among other things. It is impossible to isolate people, they can only be imprisoned. Then those locked up are weakened by lack of sun, exercise and contact with others -which creates antibodies- and people get stressed, panic and paranoia grow and they saturate hospitals. People become more aggressive and inhumane: among the thousands of cases, an Argentine woman was left without her bone marrow transplant that came from Germany due to lack of flights, and nobody cared.

Then, the destruction of the economy due to work bans means that, among the world’s marginalized, hundreds of thousands if not millions of people will see their quality of life diminish to the point that they will die from malnutrition and diseases, but of course, the scared middle classes don’t mind.

And finally, another big loser is the truth. No one has much idea of what is going on and they admit it, however, they violate people by imprisoning them and they only manage to say that they follow the WHO recommendations without even reasoning objectively and with common sense. By the way, there is so much corruption in the WHO that David Webb, head of internal affairs, admitted last year that they had received more than 150 accusations.

What the WHO does not disseminate strongly is that, according to its own data, since December 31, 2019, some 127,500 people died in the world from influenza – 10% mortality – against 17,000 by the so-called covid-19 – maximum mortality 8 % – and that, if the curve of the new virus is very steep, it is precisely because it is new and people have not yet created antibodies. By the way, many media publish photos that would not be so terrifying if they explained them clearly.


* Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and member of the Advisoy Council of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California



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