By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *


Oneday we will understand that violence only destroys the nature that, of its own, provides the resources for a dignified life for all. In the meantime we will continue to flagellate ourselves, creating poverty and disorder.

Before the isolation of Italy, Bloomberg estimated that the global losses «due to the coronavirus» could reach US $ 2.7 trillion, the GDP of the United Kingdom. And the OECD lowered its forecasts of global growth from 2.9% to as low as 1.5%.

Now, this is not the fault of the virus but of the “preventive” measures of governments, such as work and travel bans, implemented in a police-violent way, limiting personal freedoms as if private activity were not more efficient even in the control of epidemics. And like all violence, state repression will only destroy enlarging evil.

The stress resulting from the panic caused by the States when exaggerating the pandemic, affects the body’s defenses to fight the virus, according to experts like Ryan Landau, and people, frightened, at the slightest symptom go and collapse the hospitals.

But the worst is missing. While the global dead because they are crushed by a piece of furniture approach 100,000 annually, although an exact calculation is impossible to get an idea of ​​the magnitude, remember that 20 million people died from malnutrition 20 years ago, which was decreasing, to 8 million, at the rate of global GDP growth. It could be estimated that, if the GDP stopped growing 1.4%, in 2020 112,000 more people would die of hunger because of the «anti coronavirus» measures, at least 28,000 during the same period of time -four months- in which the virus killed about 3500.

Totalitarianism has managed to idiot public opinion to the point that a huge mass of people demands that basic freedoms such as work, travel and even leave their homes be restricted. The Chinese Communist Party boasts control of the virus thanks to its authoritarian system, and Italy says it follows the Chinese model. Chinese social networks are flooded with people who lost their jobs and others who lack food. I received a message from an Italian (and her mother) terribly distressed, her father (and husband) dies in the clinic – not because of coronavirus – and they can’t say goodbye because the police block the clinic. I can not imagine the anguish of man to see himself die like this.

By the way, it is important that, when a vaccine is discovered, a monopoly is not created given a “patent law” that prevents its rapid spread in the natural market – the people – which is a peaceful work and cooperation environment for individual and social benefit, as opposed to the State that is coercively imposed, violently. Augusto and Michaela, Lorenzo Odone’s parents affected with adrenoleukodystrophy, discovered a remedy for this «incurable» disease, even against the opinion of «legally» accepted doctors.

Lorenzo’s father said that «my involvement in the disease (…) does not come from the love to science but to my son … He must have died at age 13 and today he is 24», he finally died at 30. The story was popularized by the movie «Lorenzo’s Oil» and Phil Collins composed the song «Lorenzo» with a poem by Michaela.

Corollary: paraphrasing what they recommend on flights – that, in case of an accident, first put on the mask before your children – take care of yourself first of the «virus» called Government, the State, and then take care of the others.


*Senior Advisor at The Cedar Portfolio  and member of the Advisory Board of the Center on Global Prosperity, de Oakland, California