By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *


Ron Paul, a former member of the House of Representatives in Washington, wrote that «The decision of … Trump … to assassinate a chief general of Iran … has put the region on the brink of war … The measured response of Iran (… missiles fired against an Iraqi base after receiving a prior warning) is the only reason why the US is not in another war… ”

According to Trump, killing General Qassim Soleimani was intended to avoid, not start, a war. “Without a doubt, the Iraqi leadership recognized this type of lies: the same types of lies were used to push the US. to attack his country in 2003”, continued Paul. Therefore, it is logical that the Iraqi government voted that the foreign military should leave the country.

Washington responded that «Vote as much as you want, we will not leave!», Because the US Army is a «force for good» so it is «our right» to maintain an «appropriate force posture» in the region.

«The US invaded Iraq based on the lies of the Bush administration «, says Paul «and as a result died a million Iraqis … Obama … backed terrorists affiliated with Al Qaeda to overthrow the secular Syrian government (and) … attacked Libya based on lies, leaving the country destroyed. Trump is killing foreign officials and threatening the destruction of Iran.”

If the US wants to be a force for good, says Paul, has to «End the military occupation … stop using the CIA to overthrow governments. Allow Americans to travel and do business in the country they want. Lead by example and show how free markets and peace benefit everyone. ”  But Trump responds with the opposite: new economic sanctions against Iranians.

In the interim, the video of a security camera shows that the Guardians of the Revolution of Iran launched two missiles against the flight of Ukraine Airlines. It looks like neither of the two impacts immediately shot down the plane, but turns around trying to return to Tehran airport, and on that way it explodes and rushes to the ground, 176 people dying.

The direct murderers are the Iranian military, but could it be said that Trump is guilty of involuntary manslaughter? Since he created enough tension for these things to happen. What conservatives do not understand – or do not suit it because they are associated with the manufacture and sale of weapons – is that the problems of freedom are always solved with more freedom and, consequently, that efficient «weapons» of defense are peaceful.

We have forgotten it, but the truth is that there was a time when the advance of communism was so sustained, and the nuclear threat so great, that virtually everyone in the world believed it inevitable that the entire globe would end under communist aegis. However, time proved science was right, and efficient methods of defense are the peaceful ones: The Berlin wall that hid the most powerful tyranny in history fell alone, by peaceful means, without a nuclear war.

Basically, because, unnatural systems will necessarily fall, sooner rather than later, if they are not underpinned with State actions like the sanctions against Cuba – strictly speaking, against Americans who cannot trade with the Island – that serves to isolate the cuban people from the world leaving them to at the mercy of his tyrants.


* Senior Advisor, The Cedar Portfolio


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