By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *


Furious and thirsty for revenge, the head of the local narcos sent a message to the band of the neighboring region, which had murdered his subordinates for having entered his territory: “We will find you. We will eliminate you”. Anyway, if the police learn them they will all end up in jail.

Now, this same message was sent by Trump who justified the bombing in Baghdad by stating that Soleimani was preparing attacks. «He should have been killed a long time ago,» the president of the United States posted on Twitter. That is how Trump recognizes his murder, of another murderer.

It is incredible that there are people, even «religious», who accept these murderers and homicides as if nothing. What happens, that if done on behalf of the State is fine, it is not a crime? Is the State a pagan god who has the right to do whatever?

Trump was looking for war and it was already taking too much time. There is no politician who at some point does not unleash the arrogant person inside. And, if he feels capable, he will threaten the one placed in front of him. This time the chosen rival has been Iran. Although we must not forget the war with China that, although it is “deaf” since no shots have been heard, it is still based on violence since it involves sanctions implemented via police force.

Trump says he acts to «stop» a war. But to say that “is violence used to stop violence” does not resist the least logical analysis, even if it is a belief – a primary reaction – socially accepted. No doubt Soleimani was extremely immoral, and Trump is right in stating that “he had turned the death of innocents into a disgusting passion.” But that does not entitle him to behave like another murderer.

The problem is that today the states take over the monopoly of violence. And with this monopoly, with this violence they impose «laws» and, from here, there is no one to stop them, there never was, despite the official propaganda about a hypothetical republic with a constitution and «independet» powers that, supposedly , are controled and limited by each other.

Once violence becomes the last ratio and the normal modus operandi, pretending that they do not pass the limits is childish and utopian. As we know from the praxeology of Mises – among others – it is natural for people to choose the simplest way to obtain their best objectives, and the simplest for who has a monopoly on violence is to impose oneself violently.

The worst part is that violence not only does not solve any conflict, but worsens them, as science has conclusively demonstrated: the only efficient methods of defense – even in urgent cases – are the peaceful ones. By the way, Soleimani will be replaced by another, so that the problem was not solved, it got worse.

For example, the movie “The report” shows how Daniel Jones, a Senate official, investigates the tortures by the CIA and, when gathering information proving that they were brutal and ineffective, the Agency destroyed evidence and subverted the law. No one was convicted and everything remains the same. The worst of the case is that the CIA itself recognizes that these violent methods proved useless and, nevertheless, that did not stop them proving that it is only bloodlust, and not a rational defense.

Corollary: to the extent that monopolies of violence disappear, and the consequent imposition of «laws» and whims, the world will progress to that extent.


* Member of the Advisory Board of the Center on Global Prosperity, of Oakland, California


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