By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *


From December 16 to 18, the UN Refugee Agency held a «historic summit» in Geneva, the first World Forum. Incredible, they gathered to break the stigma that labels refugees as a threat, not as an opportunity, as governments do not want to understand that they are people with a great capacity to overcome.

Hard to belive that it is still being discussed whether States have the obligation or not to lift coercive restrictions – which they impose in use of their monopoly of violence – against the movement and establishment of human beings. It is unbelievable that, in the 21st century, we continue to discuss whether violence can be useful, in some cases, when science has said that it is always destructive and that, even in cases of self and urgent defense, it is counterproductive, being the peaceful the only efficient methods of defense.

Science says there is a natural order, a universal order, that the cosmos is ordered: the sun rises every day, energizes the plants and animals that the rain feeds and trees provide oxygen … Nature has an order infinitely wise, in fact, the only thing that scientists do is study that order that, if it did not exist, they would not exist either because there would be nothing to study.

Science defines violence as, precisely, that what aims to divert the spontaneous course of nature, such as when a thief snatches something that the possessor had no intention of delivering or as when a person is killed preventing him from continuing to develop his life naturally.

Therefore, violence is contrary to the natural order, is against science so that it is an insurmountable inconsistency that States – whether in economics or in social matters – intend to impose an “order” violently. And this is why, as we know, problems of freedom – of the absence of State coercion – are solved with more freedom – with less coercion – never with repression, something that the political right does not understand as the left does not understand either that order is either free or It’s messy.

Freedom for immigrants is not only not dangerous, but that it is a benefit because, in a free society, it means that more people arrive to work and build a better country. Germany will liberalize immigration because it has 1.4 million uncovered jobs, which could lead business to leave. According to the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, 56% of employers consider the lack of workers the main risk factor for their businesses.

Although there are already 2.5 million Europeans working in Germany, extra-Europeans are needed as immigration has been declining. A year ago, the UBS bank already warned that if the influx of immigrants fell below half a million – today it is around 400,000 – growth would moderate, and that is happening.

If there is unemployment, it is due precisely to labor laws coercively imposed by governments, such as the minimum wage law which, in practice, means banning from working those who earn less. And the solution is more freedom in the labor market. The way to raise salaries is not with violence. Precisely, because of this shortage of workers, and given the free market supply and demand, up to € 9,000 a month offers Vivantes, which manages the hospitals in Berlin, to get employees.


* Member of the Advisory Board of the Center on Global Prosperity, of Oakland, California


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