By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *

At the request of the USSR, which defeats the Nazis and occupies Berlin, its capital, the Austrians have erected a large monument to the Soviet soldier in Vienna, and none to the English or American.

Depending on which side of Europe you are in, the official story changes. In the east, it is “known” that the SWW was won by Stalin, who, therefore, according to a Levada survey, for the Russians is “the most outstanding character”, despite he killed between 20 and 30 million innocent people.

On the western side, it is «known» that the Allies, led by the US and Churchill, won. Both versions are true, Stalin and Churchill won. Humanity lost. Something as devilish as the Nazi tyranny could not remain but, was war the method to stop it?

The arguments of Western governments in favor of war have proven false. As Charlton Heston said, a tyranny, that of Hitler, was terminated, but a worse one was powered, Stalin’s bloodier and more powerful that spread communism, terrorism and guerrillas throughout the globe, installed the Castro in Cuba that supports Chavismo.

Witold Pilecki, a Polish officer who wanted to corroborate rumors about Nazi crimes, in September 1940 he made himself caught and was taken to Auschwitz. For two and a half years he was a victim and witness of an industrially planned hell. Despite his requests, no allied operation was ever launched in this regard.

After the war, Pilecki continued to collect information about the atrocities during the Soviet occupation. He was discovered and tortured, accused of anti-Soviet spy and, before being executed, declared that «compared to these people, Auschwitz was a children’s game.»

Jan Karski was another Polish officer who slipped into the Warsaw ghetto for similar reasons. He escaped and came to meet with many like Roosevelt who, after listening to him in the oval office, without making any reference to his chilling story, began to ask him about Polish horses. «The Jews were abandoned by all governments … If thousands survived … it was thanks to the help of individual people. Now, all governments … say «we try to save the Jews» … «Karski said.

And finally, another argument was that the only way to get Hitler out was by force. The SWW killed around 60 million people, caused incalculable material destruction of private property and curtailed people’s freedom including being forced to enroll at the army to go to death. And by the way, the Allied armies committed serious crimes such as the rape of hundreds of thousands of women and children and the atomic bombs that killed about 200,000 innocent civilians.

Hardly, even with all its atrocities, Nazism would have caused so many deaths and destruction before its inevitable fall either because they had annihilated with the Soviets – and the world would have got rid of the two tyrannies – or as happened with the most powerful USSR that fell alone demonstrating that peaceful methods are the only efficient ones, even in cases of urgent self-defense.

On September 1st was remembered the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the SWW with the invasion of Poland whose current government extols the war -the polish resistance- as an act of patriotism. According to the opposition, the narration of the ultra-nationalist government is «destined to educate the citizens according to their ideas, as was the case with the totalitarian regimes».


* Member of the Advisory Board of the Center on Global Prosperity, of Oakland, California


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