By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *

Just arrived in the United Kingdom, Trump described the Labor leader (and the mayor of London) as «a negative force» and confirmed that he asked for an appointment but did not wanted to receive him. Then, he has proclaimed «The Brexit will happen … I would have taken the EU to the courts» and promised that, once it happened, he will establish a great bilateral agreement.

The British Prime Minister took the floor clarifying that the two countries – governments, strictly speaking – will decide in due course what can and cannot be negotiated. Of course, it is not about giving freedom to the markets and so, then, citizens could decide what they want to trade. It will be the politicians who decide.

Thousands of protesters protested against this visit, which, incidentally, among other incredible expenses, meant that Scotland Yard deployed 10,000 agents to guarantee security. Of course, that the expenses politicians will do leave them to the citizens. Trump discredited the protest as «a small group» and as «fake news.»

‘Dumping Trump’, the big attraction of the protests is a giant robot, sitting on the toilet bowl and tweeting, who rebukes the protesters to the cry of «Fake News!». The concentration also carried the popular balloon «Baby Trump», «made in China», which the Museum of London wants to exhibit.

Truth is that the problem is not go through the Brexit yes or no, but how much freedom politicians leave to the citizens so that they are able to interrelate with whoever they want and in the way they prefer. But as a common citizen said, «if Trump and Putin are in favor of Brexit, we will oppose it».

The ineffable Putin, says María Sahuquillo, came down in the polls. Then, the Kremlin protested to the state pollster and, the next day, the survey was conducted with a new method, and so the confidence in the president rose from 30.5% to 72%.

While politicians are dedicated to giving themselves importance -and believing themselves to be leaders- citizens work hard, and many are true heroes, capable of facing difficulties and violence in peace. Thirty years ago, between April 15 and June 4, 1989, communist China crushed a pro-democracy protest. Some claim that there were up to 10 thousand dead and 40 thousand injured.

The center was Tiananmen Square which, translated, ironically, means Door of Heavenly Peace. Suddenly, troops and military vehicles advance and take control of the square and the city. On June 5, while a column of tanks advances, a man with nothing but a small bag in his hand stands in the middle of the road.

The tanks slow down their march. The shouts of the soldiers do not scare him. He continues like this for half an hour, with unusual courage, until he is expelled. This photo, which traveled the world, is an immortal tribute to the true heroes. It was never known with certainty who he was. Some names were shuffled, but there is no certainty. Some say he was shot a few days later, others that he lives prisoner and the most optimistic that he is hidden in a rural area.

In any case, his courage was immense, if there are «soldiers» with courage this was the sumun because he faced the war machine but disarmed. The centuries will pass, and he will be remembered as a symbol of peace, while, fortunately, we will forget those «glorious generals» who have pompous monuments erected … by politicians.

* Member of the Advisory Board of the Center on Global Prosperity, Oakland, California



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