By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *


Pathetic. It was ancient Greece and already Aristotle knew that violence was, always and necessarily, destructive, in fact, he defined it as that which tries to – deviate – destroy the natural development of cosmos. And the same later said scientists of the stature of Thomas Aquinas, but in the XXI century there are still those who cannot overcome the primitive idea that violence can help in defense or, worse, in the establishment of a «social order».

And so goes the world. Trump reminds me of Second World War (SWW). According to the Allies it was done to free the world from tyranny and wars – they had already said it in the First – and of course, such an incongruity – to war to avoid war – produced the opposite result: they cut off the liberties of their citizens, beginning by increasing them taxes and even take them to die at war.

Charlton Heston remembered bitterly his return from the SWW, «they had told us that it was to put an end to tyrannies, but we saw a worse one growing». After 60 million deaths and the massive destruction of private property, the worst tyranny in history, the USSR, was consolidated, which finally fell – the Berlin Wall – as it was logical: in peace.

Not being a protagonist of the SWW, Trump faces his own «war» -extremely stupid- against China. Through the state monopoly of violence, he imposes barriers to Chinese products causing an unnecessary destruction suffered by its own citizens, who will now pay more for some products coming from China while the trade balance does not improve, worsens.

Because of the tension between the US and China, staged through Google and Huawei, if the worst omens are fulfilled, electronics will cost between 10 and 15% for all Westerners. Because it will impact the production costs of all companies: sound and graphics cards, printed circuits, screens, batteries, antennas, modems and other components will see the raise in their invoices arriving from China.

On the other hand, according to JP Morgan, relocate the production of their iPhones from the Foxconn plants in Shenzhen, to take them to the US, it would mean that Apple should increase its prices by 14% given the increase in cost of labor in America. So «it could be cheaper for Apple to continue building them in China and pay the fees,» according to Wire. By the way, the shares of Apple fell upon the news.

On the other hand, Huawei works on its own operating system alternative to Google’s Android and Apple’s. Chinese manufacturers account for 43% of the global mobile market – one billion users – so it is not unreasonable to think that they can consolidate a third common operating system. And, undoubtedly, legal actions of all kinds will be triggered: the lawyers of Huawei, the consumer organization Facua, and the Legalitas legal advisers have already hinted at doing so.

And all because Trump is afraid of the 5G technology developed by the Chinese, which could be used to «spy». And he fears it because information is precisely, as I have said many times, the best defense against violence: how much is worth the best army in the world against an insect that can get enough information to anticipate their movements. That’s why Washington censors Wikileaks, among other media. Finally, what Trump is going to achieve, in addition, is a delay in the development of 5G networks and technology.


* Member of the Advisory Board of the Center on Global Prosperity, Oakland, California


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