By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *


Argentine President Mauricio Macri, in his opening speech to the Legislative Assembly, said that «Poverty has returned to the levels before my assumption, and the children got the hardest hit.» In the first place, not only that it really is at the levels when he took office, but it is on the way to getting worse. Then, he said that «poverty returned» when he should have said «I returned poverty» considering that he is the main responsible as head of state.

At the same time, he announced a rise of 46% in the Universal Assignment for Child -a milestone of state welfare- which is paid through taxes and taxes -violently withdrawn from the market, since the ones that don’t pay go to prison- fall on the poor, since the rich derive them by raising prices or lowering wages. All state «help» worsens the situation because it is money withdrawn from the poor, then goes through a huge state bureaucracy, returning in welfare just a small part.

The newspaper El Pais of Madrid published a note signed by Alejandro Rebossio -perhaps somehow exaggerated but not a fake- entitled «Argentines go back to eat only once a day» and there he gives an account of the really alarming poverty that is expanding rapidly, but, Like the Argentine president, he suggests «solutions» that will only aggravate the problem.

According to the Catholic University of Argentina, during 2018, there were 3.4 million Argentines, 7.9% of the total, in a country that produces food for 400 million people, who faced a «severe food insecurity», an involuntary reduction of food. The worst historical record and it’s going to get worse.

But to alleviate this, instead of lowering taxes and deregulating the economy in such a way as to let wealth and employment naturally be empowered, in a vicious circle, the government, and a huge number of people, want to alleviate this with state assistance – more taxes, more poverty- like soup kitchens.

Rebossio accounts that one woman before going to a soup kitchen, maintained her family with the sale of groceries at home, but sales began to fall, precisely, since the opening of the soup kitchens where they offer free food.

By the way, in that neighborhood they have “free” electricity, drinking water and education, that is, payed through taxes, that is, more poverty. Ironically, many times children have money to transport themselves to school

Poverty and hunger are produced by the State, because the State is the violence with which it takes resources away from people, and violence always destroys.

Finally, speaking of Argentines, as Juan Arias wrote, «to dust off the Vatican’s secrets about the Holocaust is the best act of resistance of Pope Francisco – born in Buenos Aires – to the new barbarism that begins to threaten the world» of nationalisms and populisms . It is a grain of sand in disarming the violence that many believe it is the «means» to govern.

The Vatican possesses secrets that are not in any other file of the world and until today it is unknown if there remain documents like the supposed letter of Hitler to Pío XII, whose receipt of acknowledgment exists. The total opening of the secret Vatican archives on the pontificate of Pius XII, the Pope accused of not having condemned the Jewish Holocaust, will occur in 2020.



* Member of the Advisory Board of the Center on Global Prosperity, Oakland, California



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