By Alejandro A. Tagliavini *


While Trump stretches out in front of the tyrant of North Korea and is tensed by the gas in Syria, it is worth making clear that war is not an alternative since science has demonstrated – conclusively – that violence always destroys: it is counterproductive even in cases of self and urgent defence. In such a short space it is impossible to complete the logical development, but let’s remark the principles.

To begin with, it is a logical incoherence – and logic is a science – that violence can be solved with more violence, on the contrary, it adds up, increases. More, is more. The Greeks-e.g. Aristotle – already knew that the universe is governed by an order: the sun rises every day at the same time, animals need to feed themselves to live, etc.

Science says that violence is an extrinsic force that diverts the spontaneous development of this natural order: for instance, when someone is murdered, the person that was meant to continue evolving -with his intrinsic potential- as a human being, is diverted. Thus, since violence is extrinsic and contrary to the current order, it is impossible that, in any case, can help – or «defend» – the development of the universe, of life, of nature.

As empirical evidence that violence only adds more violence, let’s take for example the emblematic World War II. The official propaganda has been so strong – including Hollywood – that today is very difficult to find anyone making a serious and objective analysis. By the way, perhaps Marcos Rougès was right when told me that World War I was worse since it induced the Russian Revolution, the rise of Nazism, the fall of the progressists monarchies, the Great Crisis and WWII.

Clearly WWII achieved the opposite effect: added violence. If we look at the map of totalitarianism -before and after- we see that the Stalinist red surpasses the Nazi black. The war was clearly won by Stalin, that is why he is still today a national hero in Russia. It looks like the governments of England and the USA went out to defend the USSR that expanded extraordinarily instead of weakening until disappearing in fighting against the Nazis. Thanks to this Soviet expansion, we had the Cold War, Cuba and Chavez in Venezuela.

By the way, the Nazi concentration camps, which were atrocious, in a way were hidden by WWII that diverted public opinion. A few historians say that the British government entered first in this war to defend the Jews, but Geoffrey Wheatcroft assures that it did not intend to finish the Holocaust, but to «protect» Poland, a goal that Churchill left in Yalta in the hands of a worse tyrant. Wheatcroft, also clarifies that the crimes of the allied soldiers were not minor.

And another incoherence that must be pointed out: freedom cannot be “defended» by restricting liberties. With more than 60 million people dead and an incalculable material destruction, WWII was one of the most destructive events of history, that enlarged the totalitarian map, and that had begun by cutting personal liberties: forcing citizens to enlist in the army, increasing taxes to finance the war, etc.

Later, the Soviet empire fell peacefully demonstrating that great evils are toppled by free and peaceful methods, efficient methods. Freedom and its synonym peace -and happiness and wealth-, say science and wisdom, can only be achieved with peace and freedom.



* Member of the Advisory Board of the Center on Global Prosperity, Oakland, California


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